EWEB Grant

Science kit trainings coming soon!

Beginning September 21st, 2011, the Lane ESD will be hosting a series of science kit trainings. If you teach first through fifth grade and would like to be trained in a particular kit, see the list below and register online at: http://www.lesd.k12.or.us/workshops/index.html.  Substitutes and lunch will be provided by the ESD. Contact Bob Curtis if you would like more detailed information at bcurtis@lesd.k12.or.us
Fall Term offerings:
September 21st, Wednesday, Land and Water (4th grade), 8:30-3:00
September 23rd, Friday, Measuring Time (5th grade), 8:30-3:00

October 21st, Friday, Motion and Design (4th grade), 8:30-3:00

December 8th, Thursday, Electric Circuits (3rd grade), 8:30-3:00 (on website soon)
December 9th, Friday, Magnets and Motors(5th grade), 8:30-3:00 (on website soon)
December 9th, Friday, Solids and Liquids (1st grade), 8:30-11:30
December 9th, Friday, Weather (1st grade), 12:00-3:00

Winter Term Offerings (date and time TBA):
Changes, Organisms, Plant Growth, Ecosystems

World Water Monitoring Day

The need for water is fundamental for all living things. This need knows no boundaries, and it is critical that individuals become aware of the ways in which they can impact water quality. World Water Monitoring Day will be held this year on September 18th. This is the first day of the month-long monitoring window that ends on October 18th.  The goal of this program is to increase public awareness and involvement in the protection of water quality around the world.  Would you like to get involved with your class? All you have to do is go to www.WorldWaterMonitoringDay.org to register your site, then complete the dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity and temperature tests and report your data.  We all need clean water so choose a site and take part!  Feel free to contact Cathy Bechen at cbechen@bethel.k12.or.us for more information.


About the EWEB Grant

Bethel School District is fortunate to be supported by an EWEB School District Education Grant. This is the eighteenth year that EWEB has supplied funds that support teaching and learning in the areas of energy and water. This includes the development of educational resources, the delivery of instruction and the involvement of students in real world energy issues and activities.

There are twelve program areas covered in the grant.  The connecting pages will expand upon each of these areas and allow staff to request funding, information, or other support.  Each school has an EWEB resource person listed below that may be contacted to provide further information.

Check out microscopes!

Did you know there are classroom sets of microscopes available to check out with the Microworlds science kit? These microscopes are more powerful and of better quality than the small ones that normally come with the kit. Email Rita Gese(rgese@bethel.k12.or.us) before your kit arrives and she will send them with your kit!

Dr. Wilderness visits elementary schools

Dr. Wilderness visited all elementary schools in Bethel with his magic, water conservation show. The show was funded by the EWEB grant. Students learned about the importance of recycling and conserving water through his entertaining tricks and songs. He was a hit with teachers and students alike.

Wind turbine workshop coming soon

Teachers of the Bethel School District are invited to attend the wind turbine workshop on February 8th from 12-4. It will be held at the Bailey Hill Instructional Center. Please register with Cathy Bechen by sending her an email.