Salmon Watching and Raising

Salmon Watch video: Scroll down to “A fish story”

This project is two-fold. It involves  sixth grade students raising salmon in the classroom.  All supplies and materials for the tank and care of the salmon are provided.  Salmon eggs are delivered to classroom doorsteps in early October and salmon are typically released to the river sometime in December.  Hatching salmon in the classroom is a special, hands-on activity that grabs children’s imaginations and helps connect them to real fish and wildlife management issues and possibilities for solutions.

This project also enables 6th graders, with professional fish biologists, and other expert land-use and natural resource volunteers, to view spawning salmon and learn about the interconnectedness of the natural world. At Whitaker Creek, students learn about salmon and their habitat by participating in stream side, hands-on activities, conducting field tests and gathering data. Enabling students to witness spawning salmon – one of nature’s great spectacles – coupled with classroom instruction and service learning projects, the program is designed to instill a deeper appreciation and understanding of the value of native wild fish, watershed conservation and environmental stewardship.

Salmon Resources:


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