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361These hands on, activity based science kits for grades 1 through 5 come fully stocked with all materials, teacher guides and state benchmark alignment. They allow the teacher to present concepts and provide benchmark scored classroom assignments.

Delivery and Pickup dates for 2016-2017: Delivered Sept. 7th, Dec 7, and April 11th.  They will be picked up Nov 15, Mar 21st, and June 20th.

Available kits for spring term (April 11th-June 20th) ) are in green. To see a description of a kit, click on it below.

If you use an Electric Circuits Kit, there is also an available presentation entitled, “Zappsville”, an electrical safety demonstration featuring a scale model neighborhood. With pops and flashes, this engaging demonstration shows the outdoor electrical hazards associated with poles and high voltage lines. The presentation includes a short electrical demonstration that investigates how we generate electricity. The presentation typically takes 30-45 minutes and dovetails nicely with the Electric circuit science kit. Call 541-685-7158 to schedule your presentation with (TBD)

If you use the Magnets and Motors kit at 5th grade, your students may explore the wonders of magnets through great demonstrations. Learn about natural magnets, super strong magnets, and the relationship between magnets and electricity through a look at simple generators and motors. This presentation is generally 45-60 minutes long. Contact (TBD) at 541-685-7198 to schedule your presentation.

**Denotes kits supported by EWEB Grant Funds
Kits highlighted in red  are NOT available Spring Term. (April 11th-June 20th)

1st-Weather/Moon **Solids and Liquids Life Cycle of Butterfly
2ndSoils Changes Organisms
3rdRocks and Minerals **Electric Circuits Plant Growth and Development
4th-**Land and Water **Motion and Design Microworlds
5th-Measuring Time **Magnets and Motors **Ecosystems

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