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Clean Energy: Hydropower   -Hydropower generation is introduced to students as a common purpose and benefit of constructing dams

Hydropower and the Force of Water lesson plan

Powering Smallsburg -In this activity, students act as power engineers by specifying the power plants to build for a community.

NASA Kids Club-This website has interactive games for students involving different science topics and levels.

PBS Kids Go Design Squad-Design Squad Nation offers activities, animations, videos, and episodes for teachers and students.

Engineering Interact-This website provides fully interactive, engaging game environments with information about real world applications to introduce students to the exciting world of engineering.

Science Kids-On this website, students can find experiments, games, videos, and lessons to help them better understand science and technology subjects.

The Kids Science Challenge-Visit the games and video section of this website to help them conceptualize information in an engaging way.

Try Engineering

The Water Page

CK-12-interactive science

Middle School:

STEM Collaborative-Using four interactive online learning adventures you can make the math connection for your middle school students. These activities use virtual environments, simulations, videos, and interactive math activities to challenge and engage students.

Interactivate-Interactivate is a set of free, online courseware for exploration in science and mathematics. It is comprised of activities, lessons, and discussions.

High School:

Exploriments-Exploriments are simulation-based interactive learning units for enhancing conceptual understanding in Science and Math in an experiential manner.

STEMware-These  are games that offer scenarios related to modern science topics but set in fantasy worlds.  These games were developed by educator-student-scientist partners and used to created game-based learning.

 My Experiment-myExperiment makes it easy to find, use and share scientific workflows and other Research Objects, and to build communities





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