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Eighth graders in the Bethel School District have the opportunity to complete this hands-on project involving the building of electric and solar vehicles.  Each classroom is supplied with the necessary kits containing all materials for students to build these cars.  The unit culminates each spring with the EWEB Solar Challenge where teams from each class  enter their fastest car to race against other teams from District 4J, Springfield and other smaller districts.  It is an exciting event that students don’t soon forget.

Click here to see more photos of students in action.




Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan: design and race a solar car(which also contains solar and car fundamentals powerpoint document!)

New Teacher Survival Guide

4J’s EWEB site

Solar Challenge student workbook
4J’s Solar Challenge site

Car building Lesson Plans

University of Oregon’s Photovoltaic lesson plans

Solar challenge_Rules&Regs_ 3 copy


Activities and Tips

Art Concept Car

Hill Climb Car

Science Concept Car

Speed Car

Engineering Design Content Standards 


Smile Program Physics Index

How Solar Cells Work

Solar Power-Energy from the Sun

How does solar energy work?

Motion, Forces and Energy-textbook available to all eighth grade classrooms

Stop Faking It, Force and Motion-can be checked out through Cathy Bechen

Solar Vehicles Teacher’s Guide

EWEB Solar Challenge Teacher Handbook with day by day lessons-Obtained from taking the Electric/Solar Car Workshop


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