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Water Web Project video: Scroll down to “Stream Team”

This project involves sixth grade students participating in field experiences relating to the exploration of watersheds and ecosystems.  Classes complete stream surveys at their designated site on Amazon Creek.  Students map the physical characteristics of the stream, do an inventory of organisms and measure water quality twice yearly. They then compare their results with year’s past and other schools working on that site or a similar one.  All data is recorded twice a year in our Amazon Creek Database.


Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission

Rivers of Life-Inquiry Projects

Water Science Topics

Life in the Mainstream

Aquatic Insects

Aquatic Insects, a Teacher’s guide

Conducting a stream reach survey


The Streamkeeper’s Field Guide
Adopting a Wetland
Pond and Stream Safari
Pacific Northwest Guide to Salmon

Wastewater treatment video from METRO
The Streamkeeper video
Bugs of the Underworld-DVD

Filtration Plant–Hayden Bridge
Rachael Chilton, 541-434-5786

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Amber Fossen (afossen@springfield-or.gov)541-726-3695
Public Information and Education Specialist
City of Springfield Public Works Dept.

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