Compost bin surprise at lunch delivery


Many families picking up lunch at Meadow View School on October 16th were surprised with a new compost bucket for their countertops at home! The City of Eugene’s Recycling and Solid Waste Department handed out free bins to any interested families. City garbage haulers are now accepting all food waste in yard debris cans so it makes sense to compost your food waste right in your own kitchen and put it in your yard waste bin instead of your garbage can. This will cut down on landfill greenhouse gas emissions! It is a win/win for everyone!

Compost at home!


Now that you are learning from a distance, and eating your meals at home, this is a perfect time to start composting at home! Many of you participated in lunchtime composting at your school so you already know what to do! Put FOOD and PLANTS ONLY in your countertop bin, then empty it in your yard waste can to be picked up by your garbage hauler. It will then be sent to Rexius to be turned into compost. If you would like your own kitchen compost bin, show up between 11 and 1 at Meadowview for lunch pick-up on Friday, October 16th, where free bins will be handed out until they run out! Hope to see you then!

Earth Day Poster Contest

Best Overall, by Emily L.

During Ellie Owens’ Prairie Mountain distance learning Environmental Science class, we hosted an Earth Day poster contest. Student participation was optional, but many 7th graders took advantage of the contest. There were 6 winners who all received prizes for their efforts consisting of either a reusable water bottle, reusable straw or a science game or kit. Great job to those of you who participated. Below are the remainder of the winners.

Most Artistic, by Julie S.

Best Design, by Tayshaun

Most Inspiring, by Katriina P.

   Best Message, by Elijah D.

Most Creative Medium, by Chad H.










Happy Earth Day!


The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope.

-Wendell Berry

What can you do for our Mother Earth today?

Recycled Art Messages


Meadow View third graders put their brains to work to come up with some green campaigns. After collecting a lot of recycled materials, they turned these ideas into posters for their school. Ideas such as, “Stamp out Plastic” and “Make Every Day Earth Day” were brainstormed and then the artists went to work decorating with materials that would have otherwise ended up in our garbage. Look for the posters around the school!

Green Teacher Leaders get off the ground

This year with our waste reduction grant funds, we have offered stipends to teachers wishing to lead a green school club at their building. Two schools are currently participating: Shasta Middle School and Irving Elementary. The undertakings have been very fun and educational for many students. Activities ranging from collecting cans and bottles at the school, to overseeing cafeteria composting, to presenting educational plays to younger students are among the many goals that have been accomplished. This program will continue into the 2020-2021 school year so please email Cathy Bechen if you are interested in applying.

Re-Use Challenge

This year a new twist  has been added to the Monster Re-User Project. Not only are first graders challenged to re-use and keep their donated stainless steel water bottle all year long, but in addition they have been given another challenge: see what you can find at home to re-use or upcycle before throwing away at home. Many first graders have jumped at the change to create something new. Once they show me, they are given a new pencil made from recycled materials. There have been piggy banks, pencil holders, planter boxes, decorative containers to mention a few. These first graders are very creative and eager to keep waste out of our landfill! Great job first graders!

Be a Green Teacher Leader


Are you passionate about our earth? Do you want to help students learn about how they can help keep it clean and “green”? You would be the perfect fit for a “Green Teacher Leader”. Green Leaders will be afforded the opportunity to form a club at their respective schools and set goals around reducing, reusing, recycling and composting! Students can be the driving force in determining what their school most needs and then put those ideas into action with your guidance. Please see the posting at your school for this position!

Teach them early!



First graders acquired a new, stainless steel water bottle to use all year long through the Monster Re-User program thanks to the City of Eugene’s Waste Reduction grant. First they learned a lot about plastic and how harmful it is to the planet. They learned about re-using things before throwing them away and were challenged to create something at home out of plastic that could be used for awhile before it gets recycled or thrown away. The students are also challenged to use this bottle all year long, and those that still have theirs in June will receive a reward! They were pretty happy with their new bottles!

New life for plastic


Students in some third grade classes completed a lesson learning about the problem of too much plastic on our earth and the fact that it is becoming more and more difficult to recycle. The classes watched a video showing some beaches covered in plastic and how it can harm the ocean life. They then created their own piggy bank from plastic containers that can no longer be recycled. Upon completion, they were given a challenge: Go home and see what helpful item you could make out of something that is headed for the trash. Re-using and re-purposing items was the goal. Many students brought in their creations and earned a prize. Pictured is a student with his flashlight made from a 7-up plastic bottle.