CDL Schedule!

Hello, music families!

Comprehensive Distance Learning is up and going, and I hope you and your student have been feeling successful so far! I (and the rest of the CMS staff) understand that this is a difficult, challenging time for all of us – we’re here to help, and are hopeful that there’s a lot of grace going around 🙂

It’s been my understanding that some families are confused about the Zoom schedules. Basically, all students have 1 Zoom class per week per class. Which day they Zoom is based on the subject; what time is based on the period they have that class. For more information by grade level, please visit our grade-level websites:

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Attached here is the schedule for all the music classes. Basically, all electives happen during 5th period (1:15-2:05 pm), and my Zoom schedule is as follows:
Monday – 6th grade music (all 6th grade students)
Wednesday – Instrumental music
(7th/8th graders who play an instrument)

Friday – Vocal music (7th/8th graders who sing)

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!
Christina Boorman
(541) 689-0641, ext. 6014 (goes to my cell!)
on Remind: @casmusic

Instrument Rentals 2020-21!

This information below was emailed home, and pertains to 7th/8th grade students signed up for “Instrumental Music” (i.e. CDL “band”):

Hello, and welcome “back”!

What a weird time this is. Despite all the challenges, I’m really looking forward to “seeing” students again 🙂 Music classes will definitely look different this year, but we can -and we will- still be learning, and making music. If you are receiving this email, your student is registered for “Instrumental Music”. This includes all 7th and 8th grade students with experience playing an instrument. If you believe this is in error or your student has changed their mind since I polled in the Spring, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!
My plan was to have instruments and sheet music/books available for pick up tomorrow…due to air quality that pick up date is likely to be postponed. Please be on the lookout for more detail.
**Percussion students will need to have a bell kit at home (snare pad and small xylophone).**
In the next few days, please take a moment to either take care of your students’ instrument rental at one of the places listed below, or let me know so I can prepare a Cascade instrument for your student to pick up ASAP.
Rental Options: Given the current climate, I would HIGHLY encourage your family to consider renting from a store this year. My ability to fix minor repairs will be greatly limited, and most places include a repair/replacement plan. Here are the places I recommend, in order:
1. Music & Arts: They offer competitive pricing, and home delivery! Flyers are attached, and information/rentals can be found here.There is a fee for home delivery, but you can also get free delivery to Cascade.
2. Beacock Music: They have a local store front in Eugene (8th and Monroe), and you can opt for a repair plan along with your rental. Their website for information/rentals is here.
3. Eugene Music: This is a smaller local store (18th and Willamette). The website really just has contact information, but the owner is extremely nice, and rents quality instruments.
4. Cascade: Our instruments are generally in pretty rough shape. This year especially, as I was not able to send in for repairs like I usually would. If cost is a concern, it is the most economical option, but I would encourage families to rent elsewhere if you are able. There is a rental agreement to sign, and the cost is $50 for the school year. Scholarships are available. I would, however, recommend percussionists get their bell kit from Cascade if they do not have one at home.
PLEASE CONTACT ME to let me know your plans for this year. ESPECIALLY IF:
– Your student is interested in changing instruments.
– Your student is one of the three enrolled that I do not already know/are new to Cascade 🙂
– Your student still has a Cascade instrument at home from last year.
– You would prefer to rent an instrument from Cascade and/or are interested in a scholarship.
*Supplies*: Attached is a list of recommended online vendors for reeds, valve oil, etc. I will also have these items available at the pick up day. ALL music students will have a sheet music notebook to pick up as well. I might also have some chocolate to hand out 🙂
–> ALSO it would be very helpful for students to have a music stand at home; this is an example form Amazon, and these kind of stands are also sold at any music store.
Ideally, all students will have their instrument and supplies by the first day of school, September 14th 🙂 Thanks for reading all the way down this long email; please don’t hesitate to reach out.
Christina Boorman
P.S. Apologies for the timing; I thought this went out last week, but unfortunately there was a technology fail. UGH!!

Distance Learning Schedule, and Next Year!

Hello, everyone! I sincerely hope you and yours are doing as well as you can right now. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or any of the Cascade staff about any needs your family may have.

I made a Week at a Glance schedule for my classes that show the general pattern I’ll be following for Distance Learning for the rest of the year. I hope you find it helpful 🙂

I’m also starting to look towards next year, and I hope you are, too 🙂 This next week there are several important forms I’m asking students to fill out; please take a moment to check in and review this information with your student. All of these forms will be posted to Google Classroom on Monday 5/11 at 8:00 am.

  • Ensemble Awards: This is to be filled out by EVERY student. They should ALL nominate students for awards for this year. I’m working on figuring out a fun Zoom party for us to “present” these 🙂 Students in multiple ensembles – please fill it out for EVERY ensemble you are in!

  • CMS Band/Choir: This is to be filled out by EVERY 6th/7th grade student. This is short and just gives me information for us to start building schedules for next year. It only needs to be filled out once per student, even if they are in both band and choir.
  • WHS Band/Choir: This is to be filled out by EVERY 8th grade student. This is to gather information for the WHS band and choir directors/confirm what they may have already submitted in forecasting.

  • OPTIONAL FORMS: for 6th/7th grade students only*
  • Jazz Band/Vox Novus: Usually, auditions would be happening around this time for Jazz Band and Vox Novus. If your student is interested in Jazz Band and/or Vox Novus next year, PLEASE ask them to fill out this form so I can collect information/start getting rosters together. Please note: this is a zero period CLASS that runs from 7:45-8:30 am. If the schedule stays the same, Jazz Band is Monday/Tuesday and Vox Novus is Thursday/Friday; Wednesdays alternate. Students already in Jazz/Vox do not need to re-audition/fill this out.
  • Music Council: This last year was the first we had a Music Council, and despite being cut short, I think it was very successful! If your student would like to join Music Council for next year, please ask them to fill out the application. Most weeks the time commitment is a 45 minute once/week after school meeting. Students already in Music Council do not need to re-apply.

*If your student is filling out either of these optional forms: I would encourage you to please do it with them if you are able. There are additional details within the quiz that would be too long to include here/it may answer some questions.

Thank you for your support and communication in this strange time; please let me know if you have any questions 🙂

Christina Boorman
(541) 689-0641, ext. 6014 (new!)

IMPORTANT: Music/Instrument Pick-up Wed. April 8th!

Hello, Cascade Music Families!

First of all, I hope you are all well- or as well as you can be in this very unique time. It was wonderful to chat with several of you on the phone this week. Please know that I, and the whole Cascade staff, really and truly care about our students and families, and we really miss working with our students!

As we move towards Distance Learning for All, it’s going to be very important for music students to be able to music 🙂 Many band students took their instruments and sheet music home, but I know that there are several who were not able to/forgot/were absent/etc. Choir students were also encouraged to take their sheet music/folders home, but again, I know that there are several who were not able to/forgot/were absent/etc.

I will be hosting a music pick-up day on Wednesday, April 8th from noon-1 pm. This will happen in the breezeway right outside the music rooms (walk around the left side of the main building, past the Bethel Health Center and where the Echo Hollow pool construction is happening, and towards the stand alone building in the back left). Please maintain social distancing of 6 ft. between people not living together. I will have “spots” marked on the ground in tape.

To be honest, I’m not positive what Distance Learning is going to look like for my classes, but I’m hoping that the better prepared we are, the more successful it will be. I think it is best for all students to have their sheet music/red book/what we were working on for performance at home. This includes the choir students. I will make sure that the sheet music is made available in an online format, however, if you require a printed version/do not want to read it off a screen and do not have a printer, please make plans to pick up sheet music.

If you are planning to attend/send someone to pick up on a students’ behalf, please reply to this email with your students’ name and, if known, whether they need their instrument, music folder, or both. I will plan to have materials gathered and prepared for each student ahead of time, as much as possible. Drop-ins (those who do not reply/let me know you’re coming) are allowed, but not preferred. PLEASE if at all possible, arrange to have instruments picked up. It will be very difficult for us to progress in any way without students having their instrument at home.

Lastly, when this happens, please do not come in the music building 🙂 I, as well as my toddler, have recently been diagnosed with asthma, and so I’m really into this whole social distancing thing 🙂 I will prop the door open and use my teacher voice to talk to you 🙂

Thank you! Please reply if you are planning to have things picked up for your student, and let me know if you have any questions,

Christina Boorma (

P.S. Reeds! During this time, the best way to get reeds will be online. I’ll have some available at the pick-up for students in financial need, but I would recommend getting them at Shipping is even free J Links are here:

Clarinet (strength/size 3 for 6th and most 7th graders, size 3.5 for 8th graders and advanced 7th graders)

Bass Clarinet (strength/size 3 or 3.5, depending on the player)

Alto Sax (strength/size 3 for 6th and most 7th graders, size 3.5 for 8th graders and advanced 7th graders)

Tenor Sax (strength/size 3 or 3.5, depending on the player)

Bari Sax (strength/size 3 or 3.5, depending on the player)

Bassoon (medium strength)

P.P.S. Valve Oil/Trombone Slide Cream: It’s less likely to be needed, but here are some links for valve oil (trumpet, baritone, tuba) and trombone slide cream. This slide cream needs a spray water bottle (should be in your case) to use effectively. Again, I’ll have some available at the pick-up for students in financial need, but I would recommend getting supplies at Shipping is even free J Links are here:

Valve Oil (trumpet, baritone/euphonium, tuba; 1 bottle should last at least a few months)

Slide Cream (trombone only, also need a spray bottle; 1 should last at least a few months)

(spray bottle if needed for trombone)

Festival Recordings! (Just Sing It! 2/20)

Advanced Choir and Vox Novus got to go to Springfield High School for the Just Sing It! Festival in February! We worked with Mr. Chris Dobson, choir director at South Eugene HS and also with the Oregon Children’s Choir.

At the end of the festival, we recorded the two “mass choir” pieces with the other 300+ students in attendance. They are attached here for you to enjoy!

Field Trips and Festivals

The Cascade music program has been on quite a few field trips recently! Most of these have been for a festival- this is a gathering of similar musical ensembles from a large area that could be competitive, or not. We’ll be sharing selections from our festivals at our concert tomorrow night!

For now, please enjoy some pictures 🙂

Concert Pictures!

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed the winter concert as much as I did- combining band and choir was a lot, but we made it work 🙂

You may not know, but Matt Stiffler (one of our Cascade teachers) takes great pictures one concert per year for the yearbook! I’m happy to share them with you at a Shutterfly shared site here.

You can purchase prints from the website, or simply email me with the picture number/description and I can send it to you 🙂

Welcome EYMA!

We are partnering with the Eugene Symphony Orchestra and their Encouraging Young Musicians to Achieve (EYMA) program for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years! We will have 20 visits from professional musicians, who will be working with our Advanced Band students in sectionals to perform a chamber ensemble piece at the Bethel Solo and Ensemble festival on February 29th. Thank you, EYMA!

Visiting Artists:
Dave Bender – trumpet

Carson Keeble – trombone

Carol Robe – clarinet

Brian Scott – percussion
(The internet did not provide a fancy head shot, so instead, please enjoy this picture I took of my friends in college during Brian’s percussion class, where we were learning the tambourine 🙂 He’s on the far right.)