Vox Novus and Jazz Band

The rosters for Cascade’s two auditioned, extra curricular ensembles have been finalized! Thank you to everyone who auditioned. The lists and rehearsal times are below 🙂

Jazz Band: rehearsals- Wed 3:15-4:15 pm

Flutes: Dylan Hurlimann, Emily Kuchon, Jade Polhamus

Saxophones: Alto 1- Nathan Cornutt, Kody Radestam, Kyla Renard

Alto 2- Evely Buendia, Jakob LeGrue, Bella Spencer

Tenor- Kaley Acosta, Amanda Clark

Bari-   Camilla Walters

Trumpets: Michael Church, Chase Houlihan, Caleb Tarleton, Chloe Van de Vleit, Zane Grace

Low Brass: Preston Hall, Jintana Olson, Kunal Sambhi, Triston VanDyke

Rhythm Section:

Piano- Maddy Lincoln

Drums- Bowe Johnson


Vox Novus: rehearsals- alternating Wed/Thurs 7:30-8:30 am

Kaley Acosta
Elise Aylworth
Connie Baker-Wagoner
Matthew Belknap
Precious Brown
Amanda Clark
Zane Grace
Natalia Gomez
Joshua Houghton
Dylan Hurlimann
Madelyn Lincoln
Daisy Livingston
Tyrus Luna
PJ Martinez
Aurora Olson
Trinity Reinhardt
Camilla Walters
Brooklyn Wilkinson

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