Concerts of the Month: December

The holiday season is a popular time for musical performances, and here are two websites you can check out for local shows happening this month (including tonight!):

1) UO School of Music Events:
I would highly recommend the University Singers/Chamber Choir concert tomorrow night as well as the Gospel Ensembles concert on Sunday (these often sell out because they’re super fun- buy ahead of time!). Both concerts will also be live-streamed on the website- free concert at home!

2) The Shedd Institute:
Tonight is the opening of one of my all-time favorite musicals, Singing in the Rain. They have performances all this weekend and next. The Jazz Kings also have shows running from the 6th through the 13th, featuring vocalist Shirley Andress and an excellent jazz quintet.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. There is a ton of great music happening all over! These are just some suggestions I have based on price, quality, and genre. If you know of a great future show coming up, please let me know and I’d be happy to add it to the list for the next month.

I cannot personally guarantee or give super specific information about these events, but am just suggesting you consider them. If you have any general questions, however, please let me know.

Christina Boorman
Music Director, Cascade Middle School
(541) 689-0641, ext. 3013

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