Fall Concerts – Videos and Photos

Thank you for coming out to support the music students at the band and choir concerts! If you would like to hear something again, or share the concert with someone who was not able to attend, here are some ways to do that:

Band Concert Videos:
https://youtu.be/X6bpLVkaklw (part one)
https://youtu.be/lRtenbyYXo8 (part two)

Choir Concert Video:

Please note: These videos are unlisted, meaning they will NOT come up in a YouTube search. In order to share them, you need to share the exact link.

Pictures: There are albums for each concert on my Shutterfly Share site, linked here. They were taken by the wonderful Mr. Stiffler. You can purchase them through the Shutterfly site, or you can simply email me and I would be happy to send you a copy of a particular picture.

Thank you for your support!

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