Science and Engineering PAID Summer Internship

What: Saturday Academy’s Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering program matches high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors with scientists and engineers for 8-week summer internships in a professional scientific or engineering environment. Interns assist one or more technical professionals who serve as mentors and gain first-hand, pre-professional experience in the mentors’ career field. Some interns work on a specific project that they can complete by summer’s end, some interns contribute for eight weeks to an ongoing larger project, and some participate in multiple smaller projects and tasks that represent the range of work for that field of science or engineering. Internships are offered throughout Oregon, but most are located in the Corvallis/Eugene and Portland and Vancouver metro areas. Many students receive a $1,000 stipend and earn school credit.  This is an AWESOME opportunity, and several of our WHS students have been selected to participate in recent years. You could be next!

Deadline: March 18, 2019

Apply here!

It is HIGHLY recommended that you attend a local info session to understand the process AND to make contact with the program organizers. Check here for upcoming info sessions.

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