Volunteers Needed for Outdoor School! Deadline March 22nd

Bethel Outdoor School needs camp counselors! Camp counselors will help Bethel 5th graders experience learning in a fun, outdoor setting.

Required training: April 13th
Irving and Fairfield – April 29 – May 1
Malabon and Clear Lake – May 1-3
Prairie Mountain – May 13-15
Meadown View and Danebo – May 15-17

Sign up here.

Grove Camp is presenting this opportunity to High School and College students who
have shown leadership skills, good character, and an ability to have fun in a safe and
educational environment. Certificates and letters of recommendation can be provided
for volunteers upon request.

Student counselors will be paired with another counselor in each cabin.  For helping with outdoor school, students will receive an endorsement from Oregon State and from Grove Camp Outdoor school which will be useful when they are applying for college. Student counselors can choose to do either a Monday through Wednesday, Wednesday through Friday, or Monday through Friday session.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please contact Grove Camp TODAY!




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