Oregon Promise Update: Good News!

As of this week, there is no longer an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) limit for Class of 2019 Oregon Promise applicants.  All eligible students who have applied and will attend an Oregon community college during the 2019-20 year will be awarded the Oregon Promise Grant. 

Class of 2019 applicants who previously had a “Pending” award status due to the tentative EFC limit will now be awarded the grant, as long as they meet all other eligibility criteria. Applicants can view their application and/or award status in the OSAC Student Portal. OSAC will email all applicants who previously had a “Pending” award status. These students must begin attending community college by Fall 2019.
Visit Oregon Promise FAQs for details, including answers to the following questions:
·        What is the Oregon Promise budget for 2019-2021?
·        How does OSAC determine EFC criteria for Oregon Promise?
·        What does this mean for continuing Oregon Promise recipients?
·        What does this mean for future applicants?
Please contact info@oregonpromise.org for assistance.
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