Juniors: Oregon Public Universities Will Not Require Standardized Tests

Grouping of illustrated college buildings with a flag on a flagpole and a cloud. Bushes and grassy areas are also included. It was announced today that all of the Oregon Public Universities will not require standardized tests scores as part of their application processes. This will go in to effect for current High School Juniors.

With our uncertain times, the Universities hope that this will help our students and alleviate some of the stress involved with test cancellations and rescheduling. The Universities intend to be test optional for the following years.

Test optional means that you are able to submit your scores if they are a good representation of you, but you are not required to submit them for admission. Some schools, like Carroll College in Montana, are test optional but offer it’s top scholarship only to students with a combination of high gpa AND standardized test score.

Reasons to still take the SAT or ACT:

  1. Athletes that plan on playing at the collegiate level
  2. Attending school outside of Oregon
  3. Scholarships, some may require test scores
  4. Some degrees at test optional school still require a standardized test score.
  5. Homeschool students

Article about OSU’s decision to be test optional.
OSU’s notification about test optional

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