University Admission Sessions

Grouping of illustrated college buildings with a flag on a flagpole and a cloud. Bushes and grassy areas are also included.Upcoming College Admission sessions: attend the zoom meeting on your own or in the lecture hall during lunch.

These are opportunities to speak with the person that will review your College application for admissions.  Occasionally, students who attend will be offered a chance to apply to a specific university for free!

*Make sure to use your first and last name to be admitted into the session.

Monday, Oct 25th OSU @11:20 am
Tuesday, Oct 26th U of O @11:20 am
Wednesday, Oct 27th Willamette University @11:55 am
Monday, Nov 1st OIT @11:20 am
Tuesday, Nov 2nd Univ of Montana Western  @11:20 am
TBA Pacific Univ (either Nov 3rd or 4th)

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