National Career Readiness Certificate (WorkKeys)

National Career Readiness Certificate

 The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) is earned by scoring a 3 or higher on all three components of the WorkKeys assessments: Locating Information, Reading for Information and Applied Mathematics.

The NCRC helps you stand out to potential employers, and assures employers that you have the foundational skills needed to be successful on the job.  Over 200 businesses in Lane County recognize job candidates with the NCRC.  Examples of Lane County employers who prefer an NCRC: Glory Bee, AM Solar, Eugene Fastener, Euphoria Chocolate, Metal Products Company, Peterson Pacific, Triad Machinery, Umpqua Dairy Products, Whittier Wood Products, Oregon Medical Group, Pape Group, EWEB, Goodwill Industries, Safeway and many more. For more information about the certificate please see this link:

The certificate level earned is based on your lowest score of the three assessments.

3 = Bronze

4 = Silver

5 = Gold

6+ = Platinum

Once you receive your certificate keep it in a safe place. This will be a valuable tool once you start interviewing for jobs. For now you may want to do the following:

Career Ideas:

  1. Go to this website:
  2. Click on “Search by skill levels”
  3. Input your three scores
  4. A list of career ideas will be displayed at the bottom. This could help identify jobs you are best matched for at this time.
  5. This site can also help identify which skill level a job you are interested in requires. You may want to study and retest in a specific area.

Graduation Requirements

In addition to the NCRC, the Applied Mathematics and Reading for Information assessments may be counted as your Essential Skills graduation requirement in that subject – if you score a 5 or higher on that individual assessment.  You may take WorkKeys assessments up to 3 times per school year, however you must complete all 3 components before retesting and you have to start with the lowest scored subject.

Want to improve your skills then retest?

  1. Go to this website:
  2. Login using your eschool first and last name. Password = WHS2014
  • Great practice tests for WorkKeys. If you get a question wrong it will explain why.
  • Recommendation: receive a 5 or 6 before retaking the WorkKeys exam in that subject.
  1. You should wait a minimum of 30 days before retesting and prove that you have increased your skills.