Step 2: Year-By-Year Plans

Check out this site for a fun and informative checklist into how to kick-start your college and career plans:

This is your time for planning and keeping your options open.   Academics, extra-curricular activities, life experiences, hobbies… they’re all going to help you when you reach for your star.

Here you’ll find information for all stages of your high school career: 8th grade orientation, freshman introduction, sophomore guide, junior handbook, and senior time lines.

You’ll have access to preparatory skills, goal setting tips, time management techniques, and even a suggested reading list to enhance your background knowledge.  (You might be surprised at how many college and job interviews include reflections on classic and popular literature!)  There will be tips & hints about test-taking strategies.  And, if there is enough interest, we might run some practice sessions, too.

All this, plus more!   By the time you finish this step, you will be prepared… oh, yes… you will be prepared!

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