Some College Guides & How To Use Them

Before you figure out WHERE to go, you’ll need to figure out a few basics:

College Personality Quiz
More than a college search, this US News & World Report article has a self-assessment to help you discover what you’re about before you start to search for schools.

College Planning Resources for Teens
A comprehensive list of search sites and online resources — too long to list here!  Well worth your time to take a look and see what’s there for you.

And at

And NOW, for the college search sites:

Remember to check your potential schools and their programs The Office of Degree Authorization , sponsored by the State of Oregon (All degree-granting private post-secondary institutions offering academic programs in Oregon, or to Oregon students from outside the state, must be approved by the Office of Degree Authorization.)

College Abacus is a free web-based tool that provides college-bound students the ability to compare net price calculator results for up to three schools at one time. THIS IS NOT YOUR ACTUAL FINANCIAL AID PACKAGE, BUT RATHER IS A STARTING PLACE TO HELP CONSIDER COMPARATIVE COSTS.

Accredited Online Colleges
Earning your degree online has some advantages, especially for adult learners.  This website helps you search for accredited online degree programs.  They are still building this database, so many colleges and universities are not yet included.   Please combine this site with others below when looking for your best-match program.

BigFuture by the College Board
Setting up an account is easy (plus the info can be saved for when you register to take your SATs!) .  This is a gateway to searches re: careers, colleges, scholarships, and more.

Discover Business Degrees: In-depth Education Resource
Some guides and resources they published: 2016 List of Best Value Business Degrees; SAT Preparation Resource; ACT Preparation Resource; List of Business Degree Scholarships and more.

Get student reviews of over 3,000 colleges, use a tool that projects your general admission chances at specific colleges and universities, find and target merit scholarships, and more!

Christian College Connector
A search site for Christian colleges and universities; seminaries and graduate school, distance learning, and applicable scholarship opportunities.
A college-match site (with all kinds of data, including tuition and fees, how many people apply and how many are accepted, the average SATs and GPAs of successful candidates, class size, student demographics and more!), but also with information about tips on how to get-in, as well as the money-part, too.

College Raptor
A fun, interactive site for college matches, scholarship searches, AND a way to ompare your admissions chances with other students and help you build a plan to increase the odds that you’ll be accepted.

NEW! CollegeXpress
A college search site that has a screen for scholarships AND more (like summer programs and info blogs).

Developed and provided FREE of charge by a counselor based out of Seattle, WA, this is an easy-to0-use admissions tool for students in grades 8-12.  Not only does it help you find and choose colleges, but it helps you keep track of your applications, too!

This site is easy to navigate, and has many specialized screens, from location to degree to school-type to student-demographics to … well, you get the picture!
An easy-to-use college search site, with campus videos, chats, and blogs.  You set the parameters, and they do the work!

College Navigator
College Navigator is another website that helps screen schools based on your interests and the guidelines you set.  There’s tons more information here, too, so be ready to take some time to scout around.

What we like best about this website is the career and degree information.  As always, be careful when researching schools, and watch the accreditation.

College Week Live
You’ll be able to take virtual tours and chat with college admissions officers from this site.  It’s unmatched in the variety and depth of informatino you’ll discover at this highly interactive and personalized site.

Computer Science for Women
Despite the wide range of job opportunities in computer science, women remain significantly underrepresented in the field. Today, however, many companies, organizations, and colleges are committed to increasing the number of women in computer science. Learn what’s being done and how you can prepare for a successful career in this innovative field.

Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports offers this easy to use college Search, Explore, Compare, and Choose website, focusing on four primary questions:  1) Does the college offer what I want to study?  2) How much will it cost, and can I afford to go there?  3) What is the educational quality and experience offered by the school? and 4) What type of environment does the college offer?  Combined with this college comparison page, this can be a powerful and FUN tool to help plan your future.

Here’s a great resource for getting all the info you need on any college or university in Oregon. It’s also great for searching or browsing specific degrees and subjects.

Guide to Online Schools
This comprehensive list of accredited online schools and colleges provides the opportunity for you to start or advance your career without sacrificing important obligations like work and family. To help you make an informed decision, they’ve focused on the criteria that matter most: affordability, accessibility, and quality.   Their recommend rate is based on feedback from former students through the largest database of independent online college reviews. Please combine this site with others one this page when looking for your best-match program.
Search through our site to find the school that is right for you. We have over 6,000 colleges and universities listed, providing information on housing, financial aid, tuition, admissions, athletics, current events and more… Schools can be filtered by state, city and type of degrees offered or you may use the search box above.

My College
Many of our students already have a My College Options account!  This is a website that provides college and scholarship searches, plus helps you plot your next step in the entire college/career process.  You can go to the website directly, or come in and ask Mrs. W for your college profile.

Help with career info, college search, and finding scholarships.  This site is super-easy and fun to use, too!
Please see the info below for re: some things to consider when looking at online options.  This site has info about online school options, and also info specific to returning veterans who may be thinking about continuing their post-secondary education.
For many people, earning a college degree via on-line or distance learning makes good sense.  Usually allowing for more flexibility in scheduling and study time, on-line programs are offered by both non-profit and for-profit schools.  As you begin to research options, remember not all on-line programs are created equally.  Carefully compare costs and double-check program accreditation.  This website, which specializes in helping students seek out on-line and distance options, provides links to many different schools and universities, as well as offering information and opinions that might help you decide if on-line education may be for you.

Online U
With college tuition rising, OnlineU wants to make it easy to find a degree that will help you get ahead without the burden of massive debt. We provide important, unbiased rankings based on what you care about most, whether it be affordability, value or prestige.

With more than 40 years of experience, Peterson’s guides you through the education planning process with plenty of personalized resources.  This site is jam-packed full of information that students (and their parents!) want to investigate.  There’s an interactive college search, much about how to match a college to your learning style, test preparation, admissions, and how to pay for your education, too.

SallieMae College Answer
Much like Petersen’s, SallieMae College Answer is a website that provides a broad range of general information, from college prep to school searches, and — in this case — a lot about college funding and college loans, as well.

SR Education Group
Search for undergraduate, online and graduate programs by location, which is one of the top five determining factors in choosing your best-match school.

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