Next Steps for 4-year College Bound Seniors

Seniors, congratulations!  Remember that May 1 is the deadline for notifying one college that you will enroll.  If you miss this deadline your admission and your financial aid are at risk of being offered to someone else. Please do the following:

  • submit a deposit where you will enroll (some schools need separate housing deposits too)
  • inform the other schools where you have been offered admission that you will not be enrolling (remember this is a spot for someone else)
  • go back and thank those who helped make this possible (people who wrote recommendations for you, your parents, etc.)
  • complete all financial aid documentation by the required deadline
  • start getting to know the school you will attend by forming relationships via social media
  • keep up the good school work as you need to send a final transcript to your school, and the decision to admit you is conditional on you continuing to do well
  • continue to look for scholarships and other sources of financial aid… something you’ll need to do every year you are attending school!

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