OSAC (Oregon Student Access Commission) eApp

Apply to your choice of up to 20 from a choice of over 480 scholarships with a single application! It’s easy to do, too.  You can not submit a paper application, bu never fear — the online version is ever-so-much easier to begin, revise, and complete.  Just remember that when you hit “submit” your application is locked in.  So double-check everything twice… no, three times!

You’re going to have some questions about how this all works.  Click here for the OSAC “Wiseguy FAQs” page.

Click here for the  Oregon Scholarship eApp Workbook, and click here to start your start (or revise) your eApp application, then choose to create the appropriate year’s eApp.

The two most asked Q&As:

Q: I may want to attend an out-of-Oregon school… may I use OSAC scholarships?
A: Many of the scholarships are transferable to non-Oregon schools.

Q: What happens if I don’t read the instructions and just send an application but fail to send my Activities Chart, Personal Statements, essays, or transcripts?
A: Your application will be disqualified. You must submit a complete application packet, which includes your application, Activities Chart, four required Personal Statements, appropriate transcripts, and other required supporting documentation by the deadline. Many applications are disqualified each year because students fail to submit one or more of the necessary items.

One last note: this opportunity is open to Oregon Residents.  Click here for the Definition of Oregon Residency.  There are a few circumstances when the residency criteria may not apply.  Go to the FAQ link above for more info.

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