SAT & SAT Subjects Tests AND Practice Sites

Register for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests HERE!  (AND Check Out The SAT Practice Sites Below.)

You’ll want to think about taking the SAT in the spring of your Junior year or fall of your Senior year.  (Many students take it both times, and then choose the best scores to send to their prospective colleges and universities.)   The SAT covers your knowledge of reading, writing and math — and how well you are able to apply what you know.  It can be a good tool to help you focus your choices on those colleges where you will be most successful in reaching your personal goals.

The SAT Subject Tests are hour-long, content-based tests specific to subject areas where you excel.  Spring is generally the best time to take these,  so the corresponding coursework is still fresh in your mind.  Taking one or more SAT Subject Tests can help you demonstrate specific talents or interests, and allows colleges to see a more complete picture of what you’ll bring to the school.  Some colleges also allow credit for basis course requirements — or even credit for introductory-level courses — based on your Subject Test scores.

The above linked site is a blast, and you might want to visit it again-and-again.  There’s so much more to it than just the place to register for the College Board exams.  There are practice tests, individualized study plans, help interrupting the scores and how to choose which scores to send… it’s a treasure-trove of information!

The SAT is Teaming Up with Khan Academy

The College Board is joining forces with Khan Academy to provide free SAT practice programs and resources to all students. Khan Academy and the College Board will work together continuously to ensure that practice materials are of the highest quality and focus on the work that matters most. And they will train tutors, counselors, mentors, and others to help students take full advantage of all resources.

These dynamic, interactive study tools launch in early June 2015; they can be utilized for PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10 practice because of the exams’ tight alignment with the SAT. Learn more about our partnership with Khan Academy on its website.

Other Exam Practice Sites

It’s true that when you visit the College Board website, you’ll see a practice Question Of The Day, practice sessions, and even a practice exam.  But there are other fun and valuable sites to that help prepare you for the SATs, as well.

Create an account on and you’ll have access to a customized course that includes user-friendly tutorials, practice sessions that adapt to your ability level, a vocabulary builder, and more!

FREE Exam  Prep & Practice Through The Public Library
If you have a library card through the Eugene Public Library, you can access Learning Express, an ever-updated collection of exam preparation and practice questions.  Click on the Learning Express link above, or click here to go to the Eugene Public Library Home Page then follow this path–> Research & Learning Center –> in the “I’m Looking For” column –> Practice Exams … and you’re in!

MORE FREE Exam  Prep & Practice
This site provides some unique and helpful hints about how to analyze SAT questions, and understand the strategy of SAT test-taking.  They offer a free online SAT Prep that incorporates a catalog of over 100 math, reading, and writing study guides, 5000 SAT vocabulary flash cards, and SAT practice tests.

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