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Some colleges and universities prefer prospective students take the ACT Exam.  You’ll be able to find out by visiting college websites and checking out the specific application requirements. The ACT Exam is an achievement test of up to five components:  English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and an optional Writing Test.

This site also has practice tests and preparation techniques, as well as ACT specific test taking tips and hints.   There are preparation pages for each of the test sections, so you’ll want to check those out before you take the actual ACT Exam.

Here is a link to the blog by several kids who got a perfect ACT score.  There are lots of good resources and ideas on this website so you might want to look through it.

This is the link on that blog to the ACT prep book recommendations.

One of our 2016 seniors used the standard book “The Real ACT Prep Book” before he took the ACT the first time.  Over the summer he used: The ACT Black Book  Ultimate Guide to the Math ACT. He found the Black Book to be the most helpful because it talked about test talking strategies, specifically, what the ACT questions are really about and what they are really asking.

What’s The Difference Between The SAT and the ACT?

In many cases, your choice of which exam to take, and which scores to ultimately submit, will be based on your personal exam-style preferences.Click here to see a quick comparison between the SAT and the ACT exams (as explained on the ACT website).

Another look at the similarities and differences:

Here’s a link for a side-by-side comparison of SAT and ACT scores:

Here’s a good ACT prep site:

FREE ACT Prep for students who register for the ACT with a fee waiver:

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