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NEW!  NEW!  NEW!  Oregon high school students with Smarter Balanced statewide assessment test results in English Language Arts and Mathematics may be able to receive a waiver from taking the required Lane Community College Placement tests. For more information go to: have to wait until after you graduate to apply for this waiver… we would rather you take the Placement Tests here in the spring, so you won’t have to go out to LCC in case you are not granted the waiver.  See Mrs. W with questions and to see if this might be an option for you.


pencilset2If LCC (or any community college) is on your list of potential schools or training programs, you’ll need to take some placement tests. Just as the name implies, these tests determine into which classes you’ll initially be placed at LCC. Your scores should pre-qualify you for classes that are neither too difficult nor too easy. Like Goldilocks’s porridge, you’ll place into classes that are “just right.” The thing is, if you scores are low, you may be required to take classes designed to bring your reading, writing and math skills up to college levels before you can start taking freshman-level courses — and those classes may not be eligible for financial student aide. YOU’LL WANT TO DO YOUR BEST AND PREPARE AHEAD OF TIME. People who practice ahead of time can raise their scores an average of TWO course levels. This could save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars!

The exams are free to pre and prospective LCC students, and are administrated here at Willamette or in the testing center on the LCC Main Campus.  Contact Mrs. Lesh in the Testing Room or Mrs. W in the C&CC  for more information and to make your testing appointments.  In other circumstances, click here to go to the LCC website for more information.

THIS IS THE BEST PRACTICE!  Direct from College Board, the ACCUPLACERDownload the FREE ACCUPLACER App to your computer, tablet, or smart phone:

THESE ARE FOR PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE DEVICES ON WHICH THEY CAN DOWNLOAD APPLICATIONS — Links to Help You Prepare to take the ACCUPLACER: – This site provides the reasoning behind correct answers. (Note: this is only a partial practice series, but still is worth a run through.)
Once you know the bits-and-pieces which you may need to strengthen, use one of these study-skills sites: This page has links to (crazy boring!) review videos, and excellent practice tests, which provide the reasoning behind the correct answers at the end. These are LCC Math Review Sheets.

General Study Links:

Study Strategy and Tips Links :

LCC Disability Resources :

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