Local and Distance Tutors In All Subjects

We have a lot of academic support here at WHS.  There are teachers in all core subjects who are available every period, plus we have a robust afterschool tutoring program.  However, sometimes students and their families want to hire extra tutoring support.  Here are links to tutors in our area.  Please do your due diligence, as fees and accessibility will vary. Holistic Tutoring Academy — Located in Eugene, OR. Lane Tutoring Services, Inc. — Located in Eugene, OR. Oregon Tutoring Services  — Located in Springfield, OR.

UniversityTutors — This website will first give you an opportunity to enter a monthly scholarship contest, BUT you can skip that part if you want, and go right to searching for a tutor in our area (or all over the world!).

For SAT/ACT prep help, there are many websites out there.  One site that has some free free resources as well as for-fee services is Testive.  You can create an account and receive a NEW SAT info e-book for free.

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