Groundwork For College & Scholarships

There are three things that you can do now to make yourself a strong competitor for college and scholarships in the future.

Academic Record
You’ll want to prove yourself a strong student academically, with a good academic record for all four years in high school.  A good academic record is measured in three ways:

1) Your Grade Point Average (GPA) — You do not have to get all As, but is is important that your academic record show a consistent effort on your part.

2) The Kinds of Courses You Take — Some students intentionally take easier courses to get higher grades, thinking their GPA number is the only deciding factor in college and scholarship determinations.  The people who review college and scholarship applications look very carefully at the strength of your coursework, especially during your junior and senior years.

3) College Entrance Exams — High SAT or ACT scores will put you at the top of college and scholarship committee searches.  The best preparation for these exams is to have applied your best effort in English and math classes each year of high school.  If you want to be even more prepared, come into the C&C Center to find out about practice opportunities for each type of exam.

School Activity Record
Just about every scholarship and college application asks you to list and discuss the activities you have been involved in during high school.  Being involved in such things as student government, clubs, athletics, musical performing groups, etc. are highly valued by college and scholarship selection committees.   Providing information about your other interests lets these committees know that you are a well-rounded person.   Generally speaking, students who participate in school activities are happier and more successful in high school and beyond than students who choose not to participate.

Community Activity Record
Finally, you will want to be involved in Community Activities.  People who decide on college applicants and who provide money for another person’s education expect that the recipients will in turn make contributions back to society.   Providing proof that you are willing to help other people is a good way to show you believe this is important, as well.

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