Q: Do I need to take the SAT Reasoning Test?
A: If you are planning or considering enrolling directly into a 4-year college or university after you graduate, yes, you need to take the SAT.  If you plan to enroll in a community college, you should still consider taking the SAT to get an assessment of your readiness for college level reading, math, and writing skills.  Students should also consider taking the SAT because it can be required or recommended for some scholarship applications.

Q: How do I register for the SAT?
A: Registration for the SAT is through the College Board.  You can register on-line at  If you need computer access, visit the Media Center or the College & Career Center.  Registration deadlines are typically 4-5 weeks prior to the actual test date.  Be sure to meet registration deadlines or you’ll be charged an additional fee.  When registering, you’ll be asked for Willamette’s school code which is 380345.

Q: Where do I take the SAT?
A: The test is administered at several locations around the state. Most WHS students take it at Sheldon H.S. or Churchill H.S.  The U of O is also a test site on occasion.  When you register, you’ll be asked to pick two test locations and you’llbe assigned to one of those two choices.

Q: When should I take the SAT?
A: Students are encouraged to take the PSAT in October of their sophomore and/or junior year.  It is strongly recommended that any student planning to enroll directly into a 4-year college take the SAT no later than December of the senior year.

Q: Do I need to take the SAT more than once?
A: Not necessarily.  Many students realize, after taking the test the first time, that they did not properly prepare for the test.  You may improve your scores by re-taking the test but don’t spend the $$ for the additional exam if you are note going to make an effort to be better prepared.

Q: When is the SAT offered?
A: The test is given several times throughout the school year.  Traditionally, it is given once during the following months:  October, November, December, January, March, May, and June.  See the College Board website or the information poster in the College & Career Center for specific registration deadlines and test dates.

Q: I need assistance with the registration fee.  Are there resources to help?
A: Yes.  Talk to your counselor.  We can provide fee waivers depending on your circumstances.  Do not let the SAT cost keep you from taking the test!  Fee waivers can not be used of rlate registration, though, so be sure to meet the deadlines!

Q: There are several exam choices on the website.  What test am I taking?
A: When you register, you’ll be signing up for the SAT Reasoning Test.  This is the test that mirrors the PSAT and includes sections for math, reading, and writing.

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  1. Quinn Gulka says:


    I have a few questions concerning the SAT Essay: is the SAT Essay offered at Willamette High School? If it is not, am I able to take it at a different school? If I am, which schools am I able to take it at?

    Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Sincerely Quinn

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