Mrs. Cox Granted $1500 for Chromebooks

BEF Grant Day always promises to be an exciting day and this year didn’t disappoint! Since 2009, the Bethel Education Foundation (BEF) awards grants to teachers and staff in the district to enhance the educational experience for Bethel students. Teachers and staff apply for grants each fall and the winners are announced during the school day with a parade, flashing cameras and a serenade from the Shasta Middle School band. It’s quite the fanfare! Our unsuspecting 4th graders were busily working away in math class when the grant parade arrived–some students wondering if it was a oncoming party for someone’s birthday!

Our successful grant will, along with a $108 supplement from the Clear Lake PTO, will fund six Chromebooks for our classroom, bringing our total count to 30 Chromebooks. These are an invaluable tool as we learn to type, conduct research online, practice testing skills in preparation for state testing, learn how to do computer programming and coding, and take virtual field trips to places we otherwise couldn’t access. Our most heartfelt thanks to Bethel Education Foundation, their sponsors and the Clear Lake PTO! We are beyond thrilled!

Mrs. Cox Wins BEF Grants!

Each year, the Bethel Education Foundation (BEF) gives thousands of dollars to teachers and staff for projects and supplies in the form of grants with the mission of enhancing and investing in educational excellence in the Bethel School District. This year was no different. BEF gave out 40 grants (out of 86 submissions) across the district, totaling $35,493! Room 13 was fortunate to be among the selected recipients with not one, but two winning grant submissions! Continue reading Mrs. Cox Wins BEF Grants!

Learning in the 21st Century: Google Classroom

google-classroom-logo2We are using a new tool in our classroom called Google Classroom. Google Classroom. The site allows the teacher to post questions, announcements and assignments on a class “feed”. The feed looks a lot like a stripped version of a typical social media platform, except the content on the page is restricted to only those items posted by the classroom teacher. The site is closed to the public and only registered students and the facilitating teacher have access to it. Our Google Classroom is managed locally by the district technology department. Continue reading Learning in the 21st Century: Google Classroom

Parents: Prevent Summer Slide this Summer

As summer approaches, parents often start looking to ways they can help their student continue learning and prevent what educators often refer to as “summer slide”–the steps backwards students often take at the start of a new school year when they haven’t utilized the skills and content they’ve learned the previous school year while on summer break. But, fear not, there are many simple things you can do at little to no cost to help ensure that your student is ready for school this fall while enjoying the time you have at home with them.

Bethel’s Director of Teaching and Learning, Brian Flick, has put together information for families interested in helping their child(ren) over the summer. In fourth grade, we studied place value, fractions, decimals, area and perimeter, all of which students will continue to develop skills in in fifth grade. Brian’s post offers a number of ways to integrate these math skills into your everyday activities. Reading each day is also highly encouraged. As soon-to-be-fifth-graders, students are able to do this on their own and often enjoy winding down in the evenings with a good book. My own children at home love this because I let them think they’re staying up later to do it!

Checkout Brian’s blog to learn how to help your child over the summer.

What is this new math, anyway?

Math assignments coming home today look so much different than what you and I remember math homework looking like. Remember the long, tedious class lectures followed by endless pages of algorithms needing uniform responses? Yeah. Me, too. Now, though, assignments are asking for students to explain their thinking process, show the problem solving steps they used and develop responses beyond the “right” answer. But, rest assured of this: the core concepts in math haven’t changed. Two times two still equals four, ¼ of a pie is still more than ⅛ and angles measuring 90 degrees are still called “right angles”.

So, how do you help your student when the math assignment that has come home looks nothing like what you remember in school? Panic not! There are a number of resources you can turn to if your child is stuck. Continue reading What is this new math, anyway?

Literacy Shines with Chrome!

Mrs. Cox named as BEF Grant Recipient
Mrs. Cox named as BEF Grant Recipient

Teachers in Bethel School District are very fortunate to have the support of the Bethel Education Foundation (BEF). BEF seeks to promote the academic achievement of all students in Bethel and as part of their mission, awards mini-grants to teachers for a variety of projects and purposes. This year, our class is a beneficiary of their work. Continue reading Literacy Shines with Chrome!