Move Over Breakfast! We Start Our Day with a Dance!

Has your student come home and told you about our Morning Meetings? Or, maybe they’ve mentioned our new Morning Meeting Song? Curious what in the world they’re talking about?

Morning Meeting is a school wide initiative we’ve started to help build a stronger sense of community and set up kids for social and academic success. We spend the first 20 minutes every day (8:55-9:15) greeting one another, sharing and learning about characteristics such as kindness or empathy. Our meetings generally consist of four parts: a greeting, sharing, an activity and a morning message. Recently, we added one more component: Our Morning Song (see video). The kids love the time we spend together in the morning and it gives us time to interact with one another and have some FUN!

Interested in learning more about Morning Meeting? Visit Responsive Classroom’s website to read more!

Room 13 Celebrates Perfect Attendance

Room 13 is proud to announce that seven of our students earned Perfect Attendance for the first trimester of the 2016-17 school year. Congratulations to Kayla, Paij, Jake M., Gabi, Michael, Syrus and Cody! These students have not missed a single day of school this year, nor have they arrived late or left early. Nice work, kids!

Unfortunately, the data system that pulls the attendance report experienced some sort of glitch causing these students to be omitted from the perfect attendance list used for recognizing students at our assembly yesterday. Our utmost apologies that these students were not recognized during yesterday’s assembly. We enjoyed a special Room 13 Exclusive celebration of their achievement today.

Special Homework Alert: Week of 12/5

Similar to Thanksgiving week, we have special homework for conference week. Students are released at 11:55 on Thursday, December 8th and will have no school on Friday, December 9th. With the shortened week and extra time spent with students preparing for conferences, I have modified our homework to only include a reading log. There is no spelling this week or Homework BINGO. Your student received this homework on Monday, December 5th, and it is due Monday, December 12th.

Parent Conferences This Week

UPDATE 12/8: Due to inclement weather, conferences scheduled for today are cancelled. We will be re-scheduling conferences for a TBD date in January. I can be available for a limited number of conferences this coming week (week of 12/5). Please watch our website and messages for more information in the coming days. Stay safe out there!

It’s that time of year again! Time to meet with your child’s teacher and find out more about what we’ve been learning during the first third of the year.

Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, December 7th and Thursday, December 8th. You should have received a paper in your child’s Tuesday folder last week with your scheduled time. If you do not know when your conference is, you can email me or phone the school at 541-689-0511. The front office has a copy of our conference schedule and will be able to help you even if we are in class and I’m unable to take your call right away. If you are unable to come during your scheduled time, please let me know so that we can reschedule. All of our conference slots are full (and then some), but we can arrange to meet next week, instead.

I would encourage you to bring your child to the conference with you, too. They have lots to share about what they’ve done so far this year, and it is a perfect opportunity to help your child develop ownership of their learning.

On a Mission: Random Acts of Kindness

kindnessAs part of Clear Lake’s emphasis on fostering a positive school environment, we will be celebrating Random Acts of Kindness all month long in room 13.

A random act of kindness is a simple act which brightens someone’s day. It can be something significant, like creating a certificate to recognize someone for a job well done, or something smaller, like holding a door open for someone. It can be planned in advance or happen on the spur of the moment.

Our schedule for the month will be sent home in tomorrow’s Tuesday Folder. Check it out! You’ll see that every day has a theme. Here’s how can you help at home: Let your child see you being kind to someone else. Encourage them to be kind to you, their siblings, and their neighbors. Point out kind acts you see others perform in real life and in books or movies.

Help us spread kindness. Kindness is contagious–pass it on!

What a Bunch of Turkeys!

A big shout out to one of our room 13 families! We would like to thank Theresa Richardson (Paij’s grandma) for her thoughtfulness. This morning, these adorable turkeys were delivered to our room as a treat for our class. Move over, Pinterest, these guys are SO cute! Thank you, Theresa!

Theresa was also the one responsible for assembling the Halloween glow sticks last month. We’re grateful to have such wonderful people in our lives.

To all of our room 13 families, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

Special Homework Alert!

With the short school week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we have special homework this week. Students will be logging their reading at home to fulfill their homework responsibilities. A special homework packet will be sent home Monday, November 21st and is due Monday, November 28th. You can also download the packet here.

Writer’s Block? Try a Quick Write!

Ever been asked to just “write something”? Inevitably, you’ve probably had a teacher (or two?) who gave you a blank sheet of paper and asked you to ‘write them a story’ or ‘put some thoughts down’. Ha! What a seemingly insurmountable task. Besides, what do we use writing for in real life? To make notes, capture thoughts or share a message. But, sometimes, getting something down on paper can be incredibly difficult because you can’t wrap your mind around ‘what to write’. Enter Quick Writes!

Today during writing time, Room 13’s students were introduced to the concept. Continue reading Writer’s Block? Try a Quick Write!

Clear Lake 4th and 5th Graders Vote!

Today’s the day! Students across the nation are taking part in Every Kid Votes!, a mock presidential election organized through our social studies curriculum, Studies Weekly. Each student had the opportunity to vote for his or her choice in the election of our next national leader and will follow the votes of students across the US today. Throughout the day, we will check in on the current poll results–just like adults will do next week!

Leading up to our vote, we have learned about how a person becomes president–everything from the electoral college to the minimum requirements a person has to meet to be eligible to be the president to interesting facts about past presidents like one who served as BOTH Vice President and President, but wasn’t voted into either position! We also discussed what it means to have a responsibility to vote and that our vote is completely confidential. We are eager to see who wins this mock election–in each of the past mock elections Studies Weekly has done, the kids’ vote turned out to be the same as our actual elected candidate!

Learn more or watch the live coverage (November 1, 2016 only) at

Learning in the 21st Century: Google Classroom

google-classroom-logo2We are using a new tool in our classroom called Google Classroom. Google Classroom. The site allows the teacher to post questions, announcements and assignments on a class “feed”. The feed looks a lot like a stripped version of a typical social media platform, except the content on the page is restricted to only those items posted by the classroom teacher. The site is closed to the public and only registered students and the facilitating teacher have access to it. Our Google Classroom is managed locally by the district technology department. Continue reading Learning in the 21st Century: Google Classroom