Become a Math Ace

Math games with deck of cardsAlthough we have XtraMath and iReady at our fingertips for number fluency and math practice, it can be so much fun to infuse (sneak?) some math into games. Below are several games that can be played with something you probably already have at home: a deck of standard playing cards! So, grab your deck, and let’s play!

Total of 10
In Total of 10, students are trying to find cards that total 10. The goal is to empty their total of 10 board so that they have no cards left. This game is terrific because it is a solitaire style game–it can be played independently or as a team. Visit First Grader Round Up to learn how to play and for two more fun and easy base 10 games!

Make a 10 (or a 15 or 20 or…)
One of the terrific things about math card games is that many of them can be customized for various concepts and skill levels. The original goal of this game was to look at the cards you’re dealt to find ones that add up to 10, but it can be changed to 15, 20, or any number you choose. You can also add to the difficulty by allowing addition and subtraction (for example, you could use 8+4=12 or 12-2=10). Get the rules and free printable mats here. Continue reading Become a Math Ace

Sign Up for Parent-Teacher Conferences

It’s that time of year again! Teachers want to connect with parents and families for a 15-minute conference to give progress updates and answer questions. Sign up for a conference by selecting the most convenient time below. Like last year, when you sign up for a time slot, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or call 541-689-0511. I’m looking forward to meeting with you!

Swift Sam Swipes Snack!

Bad Pets by Allan ZulloThey look cute, but not all pets can be trusted. Take Jake, for example. Jake the Cat lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and loves to swipe neighbors’ clothing–gloves, socks, even underwear! In Florida, an alligator crept into one lady’s house in the middle of the night and crashed her party. And, then there’s Sam. Sam, a seagull in Scotland, swoops into his local convenience store to swipe cheesy Doritos on a regular basis. These stories–and many more–are retold in one of my favorite books, Bad Pets.

Dalen–now a Clear Lake 4th grader–discovered these funny stories when he was in 2nd grade and reads Sam’s story. Once you’ve heard Sam’s story, check out the news story to see him in action. Many thanks to Dalen for his skillful reading and his mom, Dalen’s in-house videographer!

Read any good books lately? Comment below to tell us all about what we should be reading this break!


Lots of FREE Resources for Families

Following is a list of resources for your family that were passed along to me from a colleague I respect. Feel free to explore and share!

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Hand-picked, age-appropriate media suggestions to keep the whole family engaged.
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Resources for at-home learning
Tools to help parents and caregivers keep kids focused and learning at home.
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Stress-management resources
·         When everything feels overwhelming, check out tips for taking in rapidly changing news.
·         De-stress together with meditation apps for kids and families.
·         Get the blood flowing and elevate the mood with these 25 dance games 
·         Apps, websites, and video games that inspire running, jumping, and more to stay active.
·         Don’t forget to enjoy a device-free dinner or two.

Virtual Open House

Due to Covid-19, we will not be able to have an in-person Open House this year. Instead, Mrs. Ferry and I have created an Open House video for you to view at your convenience. Nothing can replace seeing you all in person, but we hope you enjoy this virtual experience as a substitute.

See Mr. Rindy’s Principal’s Message here.

You can view other classes’ videos here.

Free Eugene Library Cards Available

Eugene Public LibraryDid you know that Eugene Public Library offers a wide range of books and materials online? And, it’s free! Anyone with a library card at Eugene Public Library can access these resources at anytime, and now may be the perfect time to take an ebook or an audiobook for a test drive!

No library card? No problem! Call Eugene Public Library at 541.682.5450, and they will help get you all set up. Students in Bethel also qualify for a FREE library card. Click here for the sign up sheet.

Accessing i-Ready Lessons at Home

Bethel School District uses a math program called Ready Math. Part of this program is an online component called i-Ready that lets students learn and practice math concepts through an interactive and game-like setting. Lessons are matched to each student’s skill level based on their benchmark assessment given in the fall, winter and spring. As students successfully complete lessons, the next lesson in the sequence is unlocked. Students work at their own pace and level, which means they can continue to unlock lessons even beyond their registered grade level. So, 2nd grade students who master all of the 2nd grade skills will unlock 3rd grade lessons, allowing them to move forward! New this year is access to Ready Reading in addition to Ready Math! A single login will get them to both resources.

Students access i-Ready through Clever. Students will need their student ID number to login. If your student doesn’t know their number, please email me. On the login screen, students enter their first.last name for their username and ######@Bsd (#=6-digit Student ID number) for their password. Once logged in, they will choose “Math” (we don’t use i-Ready products for our reading curriculum) and their lesson will populate on the screen for them. Our goal is generally one lesson per day for a reference point–or a total of 45 minutes per week. Continue reading Accessing i-Ready Lessons at Home

Requested: Word Work Center Material Donations

Phonics instruction builds foundational skills for reading.

A keen knowledge of phonics allows students to decode the sounds letters make and recode them into words that are otherwise unfamiliar to them. But, phonics is not a skill that comes innately like walking or speaking. Even if students have an understanding of the spoken sound or word, this does not mean they will be able to decode and recode a word to read it. This is where phonics instruction comes in. To develop phonics skills, primary grade teachers provide students with lots of practice manipulating letters, sounds and word chunks. We call this “Word Work”.

I’m creating word work centers for our classroom to help students develop their phonics skills and am in search of supplies to put in the centers. Below is a link to an Amazon list with the items we need. I thought some may have these items at home they’re no longer using that they’d be willing to donate to our class and/or others may be interested in purchasing items to contribute. These donations can be put to immediate use in our class helping to develop phonics skills. Many thanks to anyone who can help, but also no pressure if you’re not able help at this time.

Get Room 5’s Events Right on YOUR Calendar!

Did you know that you can get all the important dates for Room 5’s events right on your calendar? That’s right! If you add our Room 5 calendar to your electronic calendar–Google, ical, etc.–every time we add an event to our calendar, it will show up on your existing calendar. Never again wonder if it’s Spirit Week, when book orders are due, if its picture day, or whether there’s a PTO meeting tonight!

All you have to do is click on the link below (ical for Apple users; HTML for everyone else) and say “ok”. Bam! You’ve got the direct link to Room 5’s events and activities. You can also click on the plus sign located next to the words “Google Calendar” on our events calendar to the right of your screen and get our calendar directly linked.

Get our calendar here:

Welcome Back!

We’ve had a great first week to start the year! Here are a few reminders as we finish out week one:

Please make sure to sign up for Remind–the app we use for communication.  All communication is private and goes directly to me, not the group. This is the primary way I send communication.

Text: @clmrscox to the number 81010 and you will automatically join our class group.

Water Bottles
Please make sure your child has a water bottle at school each day. We can refill it here at school. I will remind students to take their water bottles home Fridays for cleaning. 

Extra Masks
Please send an extra mask each day in your child’s backpack. Many students like to switch out their mask if it becomes sweaty or gets food on it from lunch. Thank you!

Going Home Routine
If your child’s going home routine changes during the course of the day, please make sure you call the office so that I can be notified. 

Clear Lake Office- 541-689-0511

Tuesday Folders
Next Tuesday, we will start sending home Tuesday Folders. Each week please go over the contents with your child. Please send back the folder each Wednesday so it can be stuffed for the following week. 

Appropriate Shoes
Please make sure your child is wearing shoes for running and playing at recess and PE. Flip flops are not ideal and cause a safety hazard at school.