State Testing is in Full Swing

Signs posted in the hallways encouraging students to do their best.

Students began their first of four state assessments this week. Our first test was in English Language Arts and was a multiple choice/short answer test with approximately 40 questions. The questions adjust in difficulty as students enter correct or incorrect answers–i.e. when a student misses a question, it provides a less difficult question next or a more difficult question, if the student answered correctly. Questions are weighted to give a final score.

Next week, we will start the second English Language Arts test. This exam asks students to read two articles and then respond to prompts by writing an essay. It will easily take students all week to complete this task, if not longer. We will get a week-long break from state testing the week of May 8th and then will resume testing May 15th. We will do two math tests–a multiple choice/short answer test (week of May 15th) and a problem solving test (week of May 22nd).

Students are reporting that they are getting lots of rest and exercise–kudos to students and their families! Please keep up the great work! You can find out more about our state tests here.

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