Students Brave Heat to Raise Money

Kids at Clear Lake strapped on their running shoes and braved the heat to raise money for the school today. For 30 minutes, students raced around the Shasta track collecting popsicle sticks as they completed laps. Students used these sticks to track how many laps they did so that they can collect from their sponsors they’ve been securing pledges from for the past couple of weeks. Some sponsors gave flat donations and others opted to donate on a per-lap basis. Donations will be collected over the course of the next few days, so if you or someone you know wants to contribute to our fundraising efforts, you still can! Donations are due to the school by Thursday, May 18th.

Students, congratulations on doing such an awesome job! Despite the heat and pollen count, you ran hard and made me proud.

*** Breaking News! 5/11/17: Maddison England was selected as one of seven students in the district (one from each school was drawn) to be entered into a drawing for a $400 voucher for a new bicycle! Our fingers are crossed for Maddison!

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