Hurry and “Book” It: OBOB is Coming!

Every year, students from Clear Lake participate in the Oregon Battle of the Books competition (OBOB). OBOB is a statewide reading program sponsored by the Oregon Association of School Libraries. The goal of the program is to encourage and recognize students who enjoy reading, broaden reading interests, increase reading comprehension, support academic excellence and promote cooperative learning and teamwork among students.

One of the challenges schools often face in operating the program is purchasing and providing enough books for everyone to participate. Clear Lake has been very fortunate to have a Media Coordinator, Leslie Brown, who secures copies of all of the OBOB titles for our school library. Sometimes, though, with so many kids wanting to join in this exciting event, the specific title a student wants isn’t always immediately available because it is checked out to another kiddo. Enter

In order to help facilitate participation of Clear Lake’s 4th and 5th graders in the program, Mrs. Cox applied for a grant through a website called DonorsChoose is an organization based in San Francisco that matches teachers’ projects with donors from across the nation. Mrs. Cox ‘s request was for three copies of each of 12 OBOB titles for Room 13. Donors were invigorated to support the project, and it was quickly funded. Our boxes of books are arriving now and Mrs. Cox is getting them logged into an app called Booksource that let’s us track who has books checked out, protecting our donors’ investment.

Booksource let’s us scan the UPC code on the book using the iPad to “add it to our library”. The app matches the book’s UPC code to a database of well-known children’s books. Then, we can scan the same code to check out a book to a student. This helps her to know where our books are, and it gives students the responsibility to care for our books just as they would books they’ve checked out from the school or community library. The app also adds the titles to a database where we can browse our classroom library, read summaries of the books, review and rate titles and check detailed information like lexile scores. We can also check books in and out via the website. This section of our site is password protected to keep non-Room 13 visitors out.

Is your student excited to start reading next year’s OBOB titles? District copies of the OBOB titles are available for summer checkout at the District Office located at 4640 Barger Dr.

For more information about the Oregon Battle of the Books program, visit the link below or contact Clear Lake Media Coordinator, Leslie Brown, at 541-689-0511.

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