Room 13 Announces May Student of the Month and Self Manager

Congratulations to our May Student of the Month, Michael Morrison, and our Self Manager, Korynn Starnes. These students have exhibited incredible characteristics of perseverance, self-discipline and focus.

Michael has strived to show what a responsible young man he is. He shows great care and compassion for others and is always looking for ways he can help others. His degree of self-discipline has improved exponentially, and he has become an exceptional problem solver. Michael is also developing into an excellent peer leader.

Korynn has demonstrated incredible growth in responsibility and maturity this year. From the start of the year, her ability to work through difficult tasks without quitting has improved many times over. She is well known among her peers for her impeccable penmanship and attention to detail. Her quality work and personal responsibility will serve her well as she moves towards middle school.

Congratulations, kiddos! It’s been a pleasure watching you grow this year.

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