Sports for Kids? It’s Up for Debate!

After reading a Time for Kids article, Sports, Inc., students debated this week whether kids and their families should opt to participate in private club teams. The kids discussed the time and money involved in participating in sports teams that force families to make sacrifices, such as long hours at practices or private training sessions or foregoing vacations in the name of sports. They also talked about the risk of injury involved, as well as benefits such as developing advanced skills in their selected sport and the opportunity to visit new places posed by the travel involved in private sports teams.

In preparation for the persuasive essay they will write on the topic, we conducted an in-class mock debate where students stated their position and offered supporting facts from the article. The kids loved it and came up with excellent information supporting their position. As we approach report card season, the kids will have the chance to write a persuasive article on their own stating their position on whether or not students should get homework.

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