Room 13 Wins Cocoa the Bear!

Congratulations to Room 13 for winning Cocoa the Bear! Cocoa is awarded to the classroom with the best assembly behavior–focused on and listening to the speaker, hands to ourselves and so on. The class who last won Cocoa is who chooses the new winner. The class who recognized us said we won because we were calm and focused during the assembly and that we patiently waited to exit the gym afterwards. Mrs. Cox is particularly impressed with our win because halfway through the assembly, a substitute teacher arrived to take over class for the last hour of the day. We earned TWO Class Stars for our excellent behavior, giving us 29 of the 40 stars we need for a class party.

Additionally, we get to design a new bead to be added to Cocoa’s necklace. We will have a Bead Design Contest where students can design a bead proposal for the class to vote on. Students received a copy of the Bead Design Proposal in class today, and we will vote on Friday for the winning design. The winner will get to decorate the wooden bead with their design to be added to the necklace before the next assembly. Well done, Room 13!

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