Classroom Request for Science Supplies

Students of all ages LOVE science experiments. Learning concepts through hands-on experiences never fails to engage and energize the learning in the classroom. We would like to get started with a unit on making predictions–a cornerstone of scientific inquiry and studies–and need some supplies to make this happen. The items we are looking for are generic, around-the-house type items. We’re hoping families can contribute an item or two to get us going. 

To help organize which items we need, how many and who can help, we have set up an online signup that is as simple as a quick click! Once you’ve signed up for the items you can contribute, simply drop them off at school or send them in with your child. We’ll start our experiments as soon as we have the supplies we need. We’ll be posting photos, too, in our classroom photo album so you can join in on the fun from home!

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