Learning in the 21st Century: Google Classroom

google-classroom-logo2We are using a tool in our classroom called Google Classroom. Google Classroom allows the teacher to post questions, announcements and assignments on a class “feed”. The feed looks a lot like a stripped version of a typical social media platform, except the content on the page is restricted to only those items posted by the classroom teacher. The site is closed to the public, and only registered students and the facilitating teacher have access to it.

Our Google Classroom is managed locally by the district technology department. Students must have a signed parent permission form on file in order to access this resource. If your student does not have a signed form, I will be in touch with you to answer any questions you may have and ask whether you’re willing to give your child permission.

We use Google Classroom in a variety of ways:

    • Dissemination of links – Think Central (the online center for our reading program, Journeys), recommended websites for research reports and frequently needed sites like XtraMath.
    • Writing tasks – Student copies of a document with information on a writing task where students can type their response and turn in their assignment electronically.
    • Video playlists – Teacher-selected videos related to stories we’ve read in our literacy program or topics we’ve discussed in science.
    • Teacher-created quizzes – Tests and surveys students complete online and submit through Google Classroom.

Google Classroom allows teachers and students to collaborate electronically and for students to be able to start an assignment in class and finish it at home or vice-versa. No more remembering papers or finding thumb drives to copy Word documents to! I receive an email when students have a question about an assignment and can see who has turned in an assignment and who has not all in one place.

As Google Classroom continues to grow and evolve and we find new ways to utilize it, I expect it will become an even more powerful tool in creating a 21st Century learning environment to foster our students’ abilities to function within the electronic environments students and employees everywhere are expected to be able to access.

Learn more about Google in the classroom here.
Download the parent permission form here.


I am in her class and I love her website and all the other websites that Mrs.Cox has talked to us about.She is the best teacher ever.I hope that while I go to Clear Lake I will always be able to see her!

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