Surgeons! Contractions, Stat!

Let’s face it. Grammar can be a bit boring. That is, if you let it! We decided to put down our grammar books and pick up our scalpels this week to conduct some Contraction Surgery! Students were given a set of words (“patients”) that they had to cut apart, create contractions with, and document on each patient’s chart notes. We donned our gloves and face masks and dug in elbow-deep to save these characters. The kids thought it was hilarious that I dressed up as an attending physician and coached them through their surgeries, referring to them as “Dr. Beason”, “Dr. Walters”, etc.

We are happy to report that at the end of our surgeries, our patients all pulled through, even the ones who had to have a follow up surgery. Want to see more fun from Operating Room 5? Check out our online photo album!

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