Cue the Qball!

Last week, we were greeted by the joyous sounds of the annual Bethel Education Foundation (BEF) Grant Parade! Each year the BEF raises funds to support our district classrooms through their grant program. Grant applications can be for anything–books, cameras, art supplies, etc.–and are scored through a blind scoring process. The process can be very competitive, so wining a grant is very, very exciting! This year, 33 classrooms had grants funded, including our class. 

Our application was for a fun new tool called a Qball. This is a ball that looks much like a playground ball and can be tossed, rolled and generally handled by busy little ones, but has one special feature you won’t find in a playground ball–a microphone! The microphone connects to a bluetooth speaker and amplifies the kids’ voices when they speak into the ball by sending the signal to the speaker! We have placed our order for our new tool and it should be here when we return from winter break. 

Want to learn more about it? Check it out here

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