All in a K-9 Day’s Work

Students in Room 5 enjoyed a special visitor as part of our studies on the role of K-9s in public safety. Springfield Police Department’s Officer Kendrick and his K-9 partner, Gryff, visited Clear Lake to talk about their work in public safety. Officer Kendrick has worked in law enforcement for 22 years and has had several K-9 partners. He and Gryff have been partners for two years. Officers Kendrick and Gryff demonstrated basic commands, sets of commands similar to those required for annual re-certification, and the bond they share working together.

Students absolutely loved the presentation and learned so much. One student, who happens to live in Springfield, said she didn’t know there was a police department in Springfield until today. Another student said Officer Kendrick taught her about the job of police officers and K-9s. She really liked learning about the training the dogs get. Students were unanimous that Gryff is the cutest visitor we’ve had!

To see more photos of Gryff, visit our classroom photo album. Also, mark your calendar for the annual K-9 competition at Silke Field in Springfield on June 20th! More information will come home in Tuesday folders later this year when it becomes available.

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