Family Outreach

Hi Room 5 families!

I’ll be reaching out over the next few days to connect with each family and finding out a little more about how things are going, share some information about what we know at this point going forward and gather some details from you regarding your access to instructional materials.

Some information I will be gathering from you includes finding out:

  • Do you have access to supplies and materials at home like pencils, coloring pens/pencils, glue, paper?
  • Do you have home WiFi internet access?
  • Does your internet access include the ability to download/stream videos/songs/etc.?
  • Do you need a hard copy of materials? (If yes, would you like the hard copy of materials Mailed or delivered?)
  • Mailing or Delivery Address
  • Do you have a library card?

If I don’t reach you when I call, I’ll follow up with an email. I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy. I miss my 2nd graders dearly! I look forward to talking to everyone soon.

Shawna Gillespie

We do not have a library card. That is the only thing I think we don’t have on your list but Neytiri does have a lot of books. She has her own library.

Mrs. Cox

That’s excellent that she has that resource at home! You may have seen from the post above that if you’re interested in a library card, they are currently available remotely.

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