Parents: Prevent Summer Slide

Summer is finally here and you’re probably hearing, “I’m bored!”. You might also be thinking you want to find ways to help your student continue learning over the break and prevent what educators often refer to as “summer slide”–the steps backwards students often take at the start of a new school year when they haven’t utilized the skills and content they’ve learned the previous school year while on summer break. But, fear not, there are many simple things you can do at little to no cost to keep your kiddo active and help ensure they’re ready for school this fall while enjoying the time you have at home with them.

Here are some upcoming summer activities geared toward kids in our community:

Now that you have resources to utilize, what should you do!? Here’s a list of the key skills from 2nd grade that you can focus on to build skills in preparation for 3rd grade:


  • Addition and subtraction basic facts (1-20)
  • Count to 120 (both basic and skip counting)
  • Understand place value of 2- and 3-digit numbers (hundreds, tens and ones values)
  • Add and subtract 2- and 3-digit numbers (both with and without borrowing/carrying)
  • Measure length (inches and cm)
  • Tell and write time (to the nearest 5-minutes)
  • Identify coins and associated values; count and add coins
  • Compare and draw basic shapes; identify the number of sides and corners
  • Read basic graphs


  • Ask and answer questions about key details of an event
  • Describe the characters, setting and major events in a story
  • Identify the main idea of a story 
  • Retell a story (using the main events)
  • Find answers to questions in a text
  • Read fluently (110 or more words correctly in a minute)

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