Scholastic Book Campaign

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to read–especially my students! They know books are my babies and that I strive to share with them as many titles and authors as I possibly can. My goal is to instill a love of reading so strong in them that they can’t help but devour books. Having a wide variety of books at all skill levels right in our classroom helps us achieve this goal.

I also advocate so strongly for reading because I know that EVERY job or role a child will grow up to have requires reading. Whether they become professors, carpenters, lawyers, CEO’s, moms/dads, plumbers, bankers, graphic designers–whatever–they will find so much more enjoyment and success if they can read with ease.

You can help us on our way to developing a diverse classroom library and tomorrow’s leaders by donating to our Scholastic Book Campaign. Your donation goes directly to our classroom (no fees or administrative costs!) and will put books into the hands of students right away.

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