Requested: Word Work Center Material Donations

Phonics instruction builds foundational skills for reading.

A keen knowledge of phonics allows students to decode the sounds letters make and recode them into words that are otherwise unfamiliar to them. But, phonics is not a skill that comes innately like walking or speaking. Even if students have an understanding of the spoken sound or word, this does not mean they will be able to decode and recode a word to read it. This is where phonics instruction comes in. To develop phonics skills, primary grade teachers provide students with lots of practice manipulating letters, sounds and word chunks. We call this “Word Work”.

I’m creating word work centers for our classroom to help students develop their phonics skills and am in search of supplies to put in the centers. Below is a link to an Amazon list with the items we need. I thought some may have these items at home they’re no longer using that they’d be willing to donate to our class and/or others may be interested in purchasing items to contribute. These donations can be put to immediate use in our class helping to develop phonics skills. Many thanks to anyone who can help, but also no pressure if you’re not able help at this time.

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