Accessing i-Ready Lessons at Home

Bethel School District uses a math program called Ready Math. Part of this program is an online component called i-Ready that lets students learn and practice math concepts through an interactive and game-like setting. Lessons are matched to each student’s skill level based on their benchmark assessment given in the fall, winter and spring. As students successfully complete lessons, the next lesson in the sequence is unlocked. Students work at their own pace and level, which means they can continue to unlock lessons even beyond their registered grade level. So, 2nd grade students who master all of the 2nd grade skills will unlock 3rd grade lessons, allowing them to move forward! New this year is access to Ready Reading in addition to Ready Math! A single login will get them to both resources.

Students access i-Ready through Clever. Students will need their student ID number to login. If your student doesn’t know their number, please email me. On the login screen, students enter their first.last name for their username and ######@Bsd (#=6-digit Student ID number) for their password. Once logged in, they will choose “Math” (we don’t use i-Ready products for our reading curriculum) and their lesson will populate on the screen for them. Our goal is generally one lesson per day for a reference point–or a total of 45 minutes per week.

Here is a video to show you how to login.

For more information on i-Ready, I invite you to visit the Family Resource page on i-Ready’s website. There, you can learn more about the lessons students are engaged in, how you can track your child’s progress at home and ways to help your student improve. Finally, here is a downloadable PDF of practice pages aligned to the 2nd grade standards if you’d like an additional printable resource for your child.

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