To encourage independent reading practice, students are participating in the #40BookChallenge. The challenge is just that–a personal challenge, not a competition between students or classes. It is designed to get kids both reading regularly and exploring a variety of genres they might not have otherwise tried. To be a strong reader, you need to have lots of reading experiences. Encouraging students to read widely—sampling books from every genre—improves their reading ability by expanding their reading experiences.

The goal is for students to read at least 40 books throughout the year, equal to about one book per week covering the following genres:

  • 5 Realistic Fiction
  • 5 Informational
  • 5 Fantasy
  • 5 Biography/Autobiography
  • 4 Mystery
  • 2 Historical Fiction
  • 2 Science Fiction
  • 2 Poetry
  • 10 Student Choice

Students log the titles and dates of their completed books in Google Classroom. Some may not reach their 40 book goal; others will far surpass it. What matters most, though, is that students are participating daily in our classroom reading community to stretch themselves as readers and increase their competence, confidence, and motivation.

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