Jim Dine Inspired Art!

Students in room 13 recently studied Jim Dine, an American artist who pioneered “pop art” with the likes of artists Claes Oldenburg and Allan Kaprow. Dine was featured 1960’s art shows alongside artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Jim Dine’s artwork often features hearts, which was timely with Valentine’s Day upon us!

After talking about the theme of his work and examining the many mediums he worked in, we also discussed how he created texture in his pieces and about the technique of embossing in aluminum — repoussé or repujado. We then took our turn at trying pop art. The students’ resulting artwork were these beautiful aluminum embossed hearts!

Room 13 Wins Cocoa the Bear!

Congratulations to Room 13 for winning Cocoa the Bear! Cocoa is awarded to the classroom with the best assembly behavior–focused on and listening to the speaker, hands to ourselves and so on. The class who last won Cocoa is who chooses the new winner. The class who recognized us said we won because we were calm and focused during the assembly and that we patiently waited to exit the gym afterwards. Mrs. Cox is particularly impressed with our win because halfway through the assembly, a substitute teacher arrived to take over class for the last hour of the day. We earned TWO Class Stars for our excellent behavior, giving us 29 of the 40 stars we need for a class party.

Additionally, we get to design a new bead to be added to Cocoa’s necklace. We will have a Bead Design Contest where students can design a bead proposal for the class to vote on. Students received a copy of the Bead Design Proposal in class today, and we will vote on Friday for the winning design. The winner will get to decorate the wooden bead with their design to be added to the necklace before the next assembly. Well done, Room 13!

March Madness Tournament of Books Starts Soon!

Students have been devouring books at an amazing rate this year as they work to meet their #40BookChallenge goal. Watching them grow and work as readers has been a real joy. Since they’ve worked so hard, it seemed a celebration was in order. AND, since my students {love} sports and, it seems, they spend most of their afternoons and weekends involved in some type of athletic event, it seemed appropriate we incorporate the two! Enter the March Madness Tournament of Books!

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Coffee, Anyone?

Recently, we studied a variety of art elements that we combined to create these gorgeous cocoa/coffee mugs placed on a table. We discussed perspective, lines, patterns and color to develop our images. Students started by creating two patterns using color pastels–one on the top two-thirds of their paper and a second one on the bottom one-third of their paper. This created their table and a background. Then, they created a third pattern (and a fourth one, if they opted to do different patters on the cup and saucer). Finally, they outlined the cup and saucer, cut it out and glued it on to their table background. They turned out positively beautiful! If you find yourself in the building, please come take a look at the students’ fine work; they’re hanging just outside our classroom door.

Airplane Flight Lab Data Analysis

Last week, students created paper airplanes to use in a science lab where they would test to determine how the weight of a plane (modified by adding paperclips to their aircraft) impacted its distance flown. Each student identified the variables in our experiment, made their own plane, conducted test flights, measured the distance flown and are now ready analyze their results.

To do this, they first converted their measurements into inches from yards and inches. We used Google Classroom and Google Sheets to make these conversions. Next, they entered their results into the spreadsheet to create a graph of their results. Tomorrow, we will review their data and begin drawing conclusions on their findings. We’ve had a lot of fun conducting this experiment and the kids are learning a lot about how technology can be used to analyze data. Onward and upward!

December Students of the Month

Congratulations to Kaitlynn and Hailey, our Self Manger and Student of the Month for December! These girls are two very hard working students with infectious smiles and positive attitudes! Kaitlynn is a go-getter who wrestles on a local team. If you see her in the halls, be sure to ask her about this. It’s impressive! And, although she’s dedicated to her wrestling team, she doesn’t fail to keep up on her studies. Well done, Kaitlynn!

Hailey has been working so, so hard this year to meet 4th grade standards. She has even been spending extra time after school to improve her skills and her relentless work ethic is something to be admired! Couple this with her bubbly personality and you have a winning combination! Nice work, ladies! 

Annie Play Cast Announced

Before winter break, students auditioned for parts in our upcoming play, Annie. Today, the names of students cast for parts were announced. Several students in room 13 have been cast:

Claire: Orphan Duffy
Jordan: Orphan July
Gabi: Miss Hannigan
Elizabeth: Officer Ward
Kaitlynn: Grace Farrell
Kailey: Street Vendor, Cecille and Louis Howe
Terry: Announcer’s Voice and Bert Healy

Each student who has been cast received a copy of their rehearsal schedule. The schedule is not the same for all parts, so you should reference your child’s personalized schedule for practice time questions. If you have other questions or need additional information, please contact Lori Kelley, Clear lake Music Teacher and Play Director Extraordinaire.

Congratulations to all who auditioned! I was thoroughly impressed with the high number of students who turned out for auditions. I can’t wait to see Annie!

Clear Lake Coin Drive for Greenhill

This year, in lieu of the “Giving Store”, Clear Lake is partnering with Greenhill Humane Society. We are learning what it’s like to support a cause and donate toward their mission! For the next two weeks, students will collect change to help animals in need. On Friday, December 15th, students will be able to give their hard earned money to a Greenhill representative who will be at Clear Lake for a donation assembly! It’s so amazing to see the excitement this cause is bringing to the classroom!

Greenhill Humane Society is a private, 501c(3) non-profit animal shelter who relies on charitable donations and fees for services to run their shelters. They provide safe shelter for animals in transition, serve as advocates for animals and their people, work to end animal overpopulation and educate the public about compassion and responsibility towards all animals. Programs include, but are not limited to: Adoption Services, Education, Domestic Violence Assistance, Senior Assistance, Spay/Neuter, On-Site Volunteer Opportunities, Foster Care, and Dog Training.

November Self Managers

Congratulations to Kailey W. and Brodie S.! Kailey and Brodie are our Self Manager and Student of the Month, respectively, for November! Kailey has an impeccable ability to stay on top of all of her assignments and keep everything organized. She is a hard worker and frequently identifies key details in reading or problems that others overlook. Kailey is most assuredly a role model for others!

Brodie has made a remarkable amount of progress this year in meeting the demands of 4th grade. He is more organized that he started the year and has found a love for reading that has inspired others, too! Brodie’s genuine heart and care for others led to his recognition this month. Congratulations, kids!

Mrs. Cox Granted $1500 for Chromebooks

BEF Grant Day always promises to be an exciting day and this year didn’t disappoint! Since 2009, the Bethel Education Foundation (BEF) awards grants to teachers and staff in the district to enhance the educational experience for Bethel students. Teachers and staff apply for grants each fall and the winners are announced during the school day with a parade, flashing cameras and a serenade from the Shasta Middle School band. It’s quite the fanfare! Our unsuspecting 4th graders were busily working away in math class when the grant parade arrived–some students wondering if it was a oncoming party for someone’s birthday!

Our successful grant will, along with a $108 supplement from the Clear Lake PTO, will fund six Chromebooks for our classroom, bringing our total count to 30 Chromebooks. These are an invaluable tool as we learn to type, conduct research online, practice testing skills in preparation for state testing, learn how to do computer programming and coding, and take virtual field trips to places we otherwise couldn’t access. Our most heartfelt thanks to Bethel Education Foundation, their sponsors and the Clear Lake PTO! We are beyond thrilled!