Caregiver Collaboration and Connection Group

Distance Learning can be CHALLENGING! The challenges can vary from trying to maintain consistent schedules to responding to noticeable changes in childrens’ behavior.  Many students may be showing their frustration about distance learning by arguing with guardians, avoiding class work in various ways, and sometimes more disruptive behaviors that may feel surprising. Some of the behaviors can catch us by surprise and can be very challenging for parents and guardians to navigate. 

If your child is struggling with their behavior during distance learning, you are not alone. The school psychologists and counselors in Bethel are teaming up to offer support. Based on input from families, we are offering three opportunities for parents and guardians to collaborate and get ideas for working through some of these challenges. Our team will share ways to prevent and respond to these behaviors, as well as offer guardians some time to share and collaborate with each other through open discussion, regarding the challenges families are facing, ideas that have worked, and come up with new solutions. 

We are offering multiple groups throughout the year, with three different time and day options. Participants will be entered into a raffle for a $100 gift card.  Continue reading Caregiver Collaboration and Connection Group

Cincinnati Zoo Presents Winter Home Safari Series

Photo Courtesy of Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is reprising the wildly popular Home Safaris that it created to bring the zoo to people at home when it was closed last spring. The winter Home Safari series, which runs through the month of February, will feature behind-the-scenes visits, animals enjoying enrichment, and some surprise announcements!

This week, you can meet the zoo’s new ostrich, Myrtle, and check in on Komodo dragon Hudo to see how he’s doing after his double cataract surgery. And–spoiler alert–they will also be revealing a pregnancy during the home safaris! Which animal will be welcoming a new baby? Tune in to find out!

Check out all past and future home safaris on the Zoo’s You Tube channel.

Winter Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher winter conferences are approaching quickly. This optional conference is available to parents who are interested in checking in with classroom teachers about how their child is doing with distance learning and/or about any continued support that may be needed. If you’d like to meet, you can schedule a conference here.
I know some parents have questions regarding returning to in-person instruction. What we currently know about plans for returning to in-person instruction is outlined in Mr. Rindy’s most recent blog post, which you can read here. If you have additional questions, I’d encourage you to reach out directly to Principal Rindy who can help get your questions answered.
There are also a few upcoming dates to be aware of:
·       February 8-12th Conference Week
·       February 10th No Class (conferences)
·       February 12th AM and PM Zooms will be at their regular times, but will be shortened to 45 minutes
·       February 15th No school for students (Presidents Day)
Want these dates auto-populated on your calendar? Learn here how to subscribe to our classroom calendar:

Live Chat with Astronaut Stan Love

Astronaut Stan Love | Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

This morning, STEM 30 along with the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum hosted a live chat featuring astronaut Stan Love. Love flew on Space Shuttle Atlantis on STS-122 and performed two spacewalks. During the live chat, Love answered questions and explained why communication is so important in space travel.

Our morning session group jumped on to the chat during class and, among many other very interesting things, learned that Astronaut Love went to school right here in Eugene! We posted that we were a 2nd grade class from Eugene and got a shout out during the live stream! Check it out! It’s about 32 minutes into the chat.

First Ever Kids’ Live Stream of Inaugural Ceremonies

From Dr. Jill Biden: Join us for the first-ever livestream for young Americans before and during the Inaugural Ceremonies. The livestream, hosted by award-winning entertainer and advocate Keke Palmer, will feature a special message from Dr. Jill Biden; commentary from historians Doris Kearns Goodwin and Erica Armstrong Dunbar; a segment on presidential pets produced by Nickelodeon; excerpts of student voices from PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs “We the Young People” programming; trivia questions, including some asked by Doug Emhoff; segments produced by the Library of Congress; and other special features.

I Like to Move It, Move It!

Dreary weather giving you the blues? Want to get active, but prefer to stay dry? Try some of these great indoor activities to get you moving!

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga: A YouTube channel with fun themes and great ways to get your body moving. 
  • GoNoodle: Guided dancing videos and workouts with fresh start fitness.
  • Glenn Higgins Fitness: Another YouTube option that bases his workouts on characters like Spider-Man and Black Panther.
  • Zumba Kids: Did you know Ms. Bayer teaches Zumba? Zumba Kids shows you how to do it, too!
  • 15 More Ideas for getting your kiddos moving while stuck inside!

Swift Sam Swipes Snack!

Bad Pets by Allan ZulloThey look cute, but not all pets can be trusted. Take Jake, for example. Jake the Cat lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and loves to swipe neighbors’ clothing–gloves, socks, even underwear! In Florida, an alligator crept into one lady’s house in the middle of the night and crashed her party. And, then there’s Sam. Sam, a seagull in Scotland, swoops into his local convenience store to swipe cheesy Doritos on a regular basis. These stories–and many more–are retold in one of my favorite books, Bad Pets.

Recently, Dalen–a Clear Lake 3rd grader–discovered these funny stories and agreed to read you Sam’s story. Once you’ve heard Sam’s story, check out the news story to see him in action. Many thanks to Dalen for his skillful reading and his mom, Dalen’s in-house videographer!

Read any good books lately? Comment below to tell us all about what we should be reading this break!


Eugene Library Cards Available Remotely

Eugene Public LibraryDid you know that Eugene Public Library offers a wide range of books and materials online? And, it’s free! Anyone with a library card at Eugene Public Library can access these resources at anytime, and now may be the perfect time to take an ebook or an audiobook for a test drive!

No library card? No problem! Eugene Public Library is allowing patrons to sign up for their library card remotely right now. All you need to do is call 541-682-5450, and they will help get you all set up. Students in Bethel also qualify for a FREE library card. Click here for the sign up sheet.

Get Room 5’s Events Right on YOUR Calendar!

Did you know that you can get all the important dates for Room 5’s events right on your calendar? That’s right! If you add our Room 5 calendar to your electronic calendar–Google, ical, etc.–every time we add an event to our calendar, it will show up on your existing calendar. Never again wonder if it’s Spirit Week, when book orders are due, if its picture day, or whether there’s a PTO meeting tonight!

All you have to do is click on the link below (ical for Apple users; HTML for everyone else) and say “ok”. Bam! You’ve got the direct link to Room 5’s events and activities. You can also click on the plus sign located next to the words “Google Calendar” on our events calendar to the right of your screen and get our calendar directly linked.

Get our calendar here:

Become a Math Ace

Math games with deck of cardsAlthough we have XtraMath and iReady at our fingertips for number fluency and math practice, I thought it would be fun to infuse some games into math while we’re away. Below are several games that can be played with something you probably already have at home: a deck of standard playing cards! So, grab your deck, and let’s play!

Total of 10
In Total of 10, students are trying to find cards that total 10. The goal is to empty their total of 10 board so that they have no cards left. This game is terrific because it is a solitaire style game–it can be played independently or as a team. Visit First Grader Round Up to learn how to play and for two more fun and easy base 10 games!

Make a 10 (or a 15 or 20 or…)
One of the terrific things about math card games is that many of them can be customized for various concepts and skill levels. The original goal of this game was to look at the cards you’re dealt to find ones that add up to 10, but it can be changed to 15, 20, or any number you choose. You can also add to the difficulty by allowing addition and subtraction (for example, you could use 8+4=12 or 12-2=10). Get the rules and free printable mats here. Continue reading Become a Math Ace