Get Text Reminders & Information from Room 5

Technology never ceases to amaze me. I love how it can simplify the everyday tasks–especially with kids at home! I’m a parent, too, so I can appreciate how hectic things can get, making it harder to remember everything. I’d like to help by encouraging you to sign up for text announcements and reminders from our class. The messages I send include information about upcoming projects and events, school functions, Popcorn Friday announcements, library book return reminders, book order due dates, pictures from our day, and more!

It is my hope that parents will participate in this FREE program as a way to improve home and school communication and help us to have a successful year. To sign up, all you have to do is text clmrscox to 81010. That’s it! Simple!

Rest assured that your personal cell phone number will never be shared. You’ll never receive advertisement texts, and you may choose to opt out at any time by messaging ‘STOP’ to the above number. If you do not have a cell phone or do not receive text messages, you may still subscribe via email by clicking on the link to the Remind website and entering your email address. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Scholastic Book Campaign

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to read–especially my students! They know books are my babies and that I strive to share with them as many titles and authors as I possibly can. My goal is to instill a love of reading so strong in them that they can’t help but devour books. Having a wide variety of books at all skill levels right in our classroom helps us achieve this goal.

I also advocate so strongly for reading because I know that EVERY job or role a child will grow up to have requires reading. Whether they become professors, carpenters, lawyers, CEO’s, moms/dads, plumbers, bankers, graphic designers–whatever–they will find so much more enjoyment and success if they can read with ease.

You can help us on our way to developing a diverse classroom library and tomorrow’s leaders by donating to our Scholastic Book Campaign. Your donation goes directly to our classroom (no fees or administrative costs!) and will put books into the hands of students right away.

Parents: Prevent Summer Slide

Summer is finally here and you’re probably hearing, “I’m bored!”. You might also be thinking you want to find ways to help your student continue learning over the break and prevent what educators often refer to as “summer slide”–the steps backwards students often take at the start of a new school year when they haven’t utilized the skills and content they’ve learned the previous school year while on summer break. But, fear not, there are many simple things you can do at little to no cost to keep your kiddo active and help ensure they’re ready for school this fall while enjoying the time you have at home with them. Continue reading Parents: Prevent Summer Slide

FREE Self-Guided Tour and Activities

West Eugene Wetlands; Photo by Bob Petit
Self-guided Bike Tour of the West Eugene Wetlands:
In celebration of Spring time and in the spirit of health and modified community involvement, Laura Maloney, Program Coordinator for the Willamette Resources and Educational Network, mapped out a bicycle adventure through the West Eugene Wetlands and captured some signs of Spring for you and your families to enjoy. CLICK HERE to access the 12-mile, self-guided, interpretive bicycle tour. 
Sensory Scavenger Hunt:
Spend an afternoon outdoors exploring the sites, sounds, and smells of nature in this Sensory Scavenger Hunt friendly for younger children and families. 
Dragonfly Learning Activities:
Dragonflies are engineering marvels! Learn about the dragonfly life-cycle, dragonfly flight, and design your own dragonfly in these learning activities suitable for upper Elementary and Middle School students. Bonus dragonfly mask craft! You can access the learning materials, craft templates and activity instructions HERE.

A Thank You to My Families

Dear Families,

As we wind down the year, I just wanted to share a few words of thanks with you. I have been so impressed by the resiliency, flexibility, and diligence I’ve witnessed over the course of this school year, despite the challenges living in a pandemic posed for all of us. Watching students learn to navigate technology typically reserved for adults has been wondrous and their kind hearts evident when I forget to do things like unmute myself! 

And, while it hasn’t been a typical year, I can confidently say that these second graders have far exceeded my expectations and have learned skills that will serve them well. I also want to say thank you to parents, siblings, caregivers, extended family, and friends who have helped to support our students. I have loved seeing photos and videos of families completing science projects together, parents reading with their child, and the collaboration among family members on larger projects. This doesn’t happen without the ongoing love and support of the people surrounding each child.

My heart is full, and I wish nothing but the best for each and every one of you. Now, take a moment and give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it–and so much more!

Happy Summer!


Mrs. Cox

Bookfest Books are HERE!

Each year, Connected Lane County partners with the United Way and Early Learning Alliance to put on a program called BookFest. Ten lucky elementary schools are invited to participate each year, and this year Clear Lake is included! This means our K-2 students each receive FREE books!

Those books have now arrived and are ready for pick up. Please pick up your child’s books at the Clear Lake front office any weekday 8am to 4pm. Have questions or need alternate arrangements? Please call the office at 541.689.0511.

Help Fight Summer Learning Loss

Learning loss as a result of COVID-19 is a concern for all of us. Keeping kids reading and learning this summer is more important than ever. Here are some summer reading tips for parents to help you help your child keep growing as a reader and learner:

1. The knowledge your child has about the world has always been one of the most important factors in their success as readers. Unfortunately, many children missed out on learning new topics this spring in school. Taking time this summer to read high-quality, engaging nonfiction is a great way to build the knowledge your child needs to become a successful reader.

2. Following their interests can motivate your child to read. Help your child figure out what they want to learn about and support them in finding ways to read about the topics they’re interested in. Then let them explore how much they can learn from reading!

Continue reading Help Fight Summer Learning Loss