I Like to Move It, Move It!

Dreary weather giving you the blues? Want to get active, but prefer to stay dry? Try some of these great indoor activities to get you moving!

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga: A YouTube channel with fun themes and great ways to get your body moving. 
  • GoNoodle: Guided dancing videos and workouts with fresh start fitness.
  • Glenn Higgins Fitness: Another YouTube option that bases his workouts on characters like Spider-Man and Black Panther.
  • Zumba Kids: Did you know Ms. Bayer teaches Zumba? Zumba Kids shows you how to do it, too!
  • 15 More Ideas for getting your kiddos moving while stuck inside!

Scholastic Book Clubs Shipping Home

Great news if you’re looking for new books for your child’s collection. Scholastic Book Club–the company who produces the monthly book order flyers you usually see in your child’s Tuesday folder–is now offering parents the opportunity to purchase through the club and have products shipped directly to their homes! This supports our classroom (we earn points for book club orders that I redeem for books in our classroom library) and it’s a cost-effective way for families to enjoy new books. All you need to do is click here and enter our class code: PB2FJ. Happy reading!

Become a Math Ace

Math games with deck of cardsAlthough we have XtraMath and iReady at our fingertips for number fluency and math practice, I thought it would be fun to infuse some games into math while we’re away. After a bit of searching, I found several games that can be played with something you probably already have at home: a deck of standard playing cards! So, grab your deck, and let’s play!

Total of 10
In Total of 10, students are trying to find cards that total 10. The goal is to empty their total of 10 board so that they have no cards left. This game is terrific because it is a solitaire style game–it can be played independently or as a team. Visit First Grader Round Up to learn how to play and for two more fun and easy base 10 games!

Make a 10 (or a 15 or 20 or…)
One of the terrific things about math card games is that many of them can be customized for various concepts and skill levels. The original goal of this game was to look at the cards you’re dealt to find ones that add up to 10, but it can be changed to 15, 20, or any number you choose. You can also add to the difficulty by allowing addition and subtraction (for example, you could use 8+4=12 or 12-2=10). Get the rules and free printable mats here. Continue reading Become a Math Ace

Vooks Offers Free Read Alouds!

Feeling couped up? Try Vooks! Vooks is a great resource to use in the home with your children. Vooks is a streaming library of ad-free, kid-safe animated read-aloud storybooks, trusted by teachers and enjoyed by millions of children around the world every week. It is an entire library of storybooks, brought to life, to help encourage the love of reading.  You can sign up for Vooks and use the take-home resources to help keep your children reading during these extraordinary times.

Sign Up Link:

Take-Home Lesson Plans
Week 1
Week 2

Get Busy Bodies Moving and Learning!

As we keep seeing more and more school closures due to the Coronavirus, educational resource creators have been working to arrange for free, at home resources for families. They see how stressful this is on parents and want to help. Therefore, our friends over at Fluency & Fitness® are offering parents a way to sign up for FREE, unlimited access to their program for 3 weeks (after the time you register). Fluency & Fitness® lets students keep their skills fresh and get out that extra energy from being stuck inside, all while having some fun. To get access to this free resource, simply visit fluencyandfitness.com to fill out a form to get more details.

Join Make for Art Class Weekdays at 11am

Due to school closures, Make–an arts gallery, supply store and maker space in Puducah, Kentucky– will be offering free art lessons on their Facebook page each weekday for the next two weeks. These will be family oriented for a range of ages and utilize supplies typically found in your home.

Creativity can ease stress, expedite learning and allow us to see circumstances in different ways. Since we will all be home gathered together over the next few weeks unexpectedly, it is the perfect time to discover and grow new talent! Make’s creator will pull from her classical training as a BFA studio art major and 25 years as a professional artist to offer lessons. She loves to introduce process learning. In other words–she likes to show you how to do it AND get messy!

Join Make at 11am PST this Monday for the first lesson
Hint: For Monday, gather plain paper, a baking sheet, cooking spray/oil and pencils…we will be drawing faces!