March Madness Tournament of Books

Students have been devouring books at an amazing rate this year as they work to meet their #40BookChallenge goal. Watching them grow and work as readers has been a real joy. Since they’ve worked so hard, it seemed a celebration was in order. AND, since my students {love} sports and, it seems, they spend most of their afternoons and weekends involved in some type of athletic event, it seemed appropriate we incorporate the two! Enter the March Madness Tournament of Books!

We will be nominating and voting on our favorite books of the year, eliminating titles as we narrow down to our favorite book of the year. Our first job will be to pick the Sweet 16. Students will open the tournament by nominating their favorites from the books they’ve read this year. They will do this by filling out a Nomination Voting Slip. Each student is limited to picking their ONE favorite book, and nominations must be completed by March 1st. Students may also submit a video recommendation of their book nomination on our Tournament of Books Flipgrid to encourage others to vote for their favorite title, too. Students can access these videos in helping them decide which book they want to vote for. The top 16 most voted on books will become our Sweet 16 pool. From there, just like the NCAA Tournament, winners from each round will move to the next round.

Future Votes:
Sweet 16 due by March 8
Elite 8 due by March 15
Final 4 due by March 30
Championship due by April 6

In addition to voting for the best books of the school year, students will also fill out their own bracket predicting the winners. For every correct answer, students will receive a point. The 3 students with the most points will receive a free book from our next Scholastic order! We’ll fill out our brackets with the start of the tournament the first week of March. 

Stay tuned to find out which books the students nominate and watch our brackets unfold. Be sure to subscribe to our website updates and Remind texts for updates and voting reminders. You can find both of these signups on the right-hand side of this page.