During the 2016-2017 school year, Mrs. Cox was awarded a grant through the Bethel Education Foundation for the purchase of a classroom set of Ozobots–small, smart robots that can follow lines or roam around independently, detect colors (which are programmed to give the robot directions on what to do or where to go) or can be programmed. 

Students get to try their hand at programming the Ozobots by using paper, markers and a special chart of codes. Their job is to learn how the robot responds to various codes so that they can transfer their newfound skills to another task–like Ozobot Bowling! Students have to figure out how to get their Ozobot from the “home” spot on their paper, around the pathway to knock down two bowling pins and then return “home”. The process of trial and error is highly evident as they work their solutions to the problems presented as they attempt to solve the puzzle. Eventually, after students learn more about how our robots respond to various codes, they then graduate to “Ozoblocking”–online coding where students will drag a series of computer programming on our Chromebooks in order to teach their robot various skills. 

Ozobot Games